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Captain America: Civil War has gone into production this week, with tons of Marvel favorites returning to participate in the event that's sure to shake up the Marvel Universe, and change it from here on out (at least until Infinity War releases and shakes it up even more). Since 'War' is in the title of the movie, and war usually results in death, its fair to say that at least one of our favorite Marvel characters is going to kick the grim metaphorical bucket come 2016. Well today, thanks to an article by Reid Jones of Heroic Headlines, we can pretty much confirm that someone is most certainly dying in this film.

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But who? Well, since the film is based on and named after the popular comic book event, Marvel Civil War, one can assume that it's going to be Captain America himself. Cap dies after surrendering and getting assassinated, thus ending the comic event. Match that fact up with the fact that Cap actor Chris Evans' contract is nearly over and Cap might as well have a large star-shaped target on his chest for the duration of the film! Oh wait...

You're really making Crossbones' job easy Cap...
You're really making Crossbones' job easy Cap...

But here's the thing, I'm not entirely convinced that Cap'll be the one to dance with death during the film (well actually that duty goes to Thanos). First off, pretty much everyone has read Civil War, or at least looked up that Cap dies in it. But directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been known to deliver some pretty shocking moments in the MCU. Like the time they had us all thinking that

Nick Fury died in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. But then he didn't.

And though their first stint with Cap was pretty faithful to the source material, they still made some pretty big creative decisions. The directors themselves have even told us that this movie is going to give us quite a shock. Could that shock be somebody else dying in place of Cap? Like say, Tony Stark?!

With us all knowing that Cap dies in the comics, having in die in the film is just so predictable. They'll lead up to his death for the entire film, and sure it'll still be emotional as all Asgard, but it'll be terribly anti-climactic. But you know what would REALLY catch us all by surprise? Tony sacrificing himself for the greater good?

Let's take a look at we know about old Tony Stark here.

With the film officially being a Captain America film, one can assume that Cap is the "hero" of this story, and that Tony, who will be opposing him, is the "villain". However, Robert Downey Jr. has stated that Tony won't exactly be a villain in the general sense, but that he'll have some views that some may not agree with. It's like when there are two candidates for presidency, neither of them are heroes or villains, just political figures with views you either can or can not get behind. But even in the comics,

Tony's views are a little hard to get behind. You see where he's coming from, and you get what he's trying to do, but the way he's going about is something that can only end catastrophically; and in death. Yes, Tony actually inadvertently causes one of the most important deaths in the Civil War storyline. And it isn't Rogers'.

Bill Foster, also known as Goliath, Black Goliath and Giant-Man is Marvel superhero, with a pretty big part in Civil War. In the comics, he is killed by Ragnarok, and evil clone of Thor created by Tony Stark. Ragnarok was created to help Tony and the pro-registration side in the war. But, just like Ultron, he went crazy and started attacking heroes on both sides; killing Bill. Bill's death completely changed the war, causing many heroes to change sides and Tony to feel responsible for his death. Thor: Ragnarok is set for a 2017 release, after Civil War.

Because of this, one would assume that that meant Ragnarok would be a no show during Cap 3. But that may not be entirely true. Ragnarok could still appear in Captain America: Civil War, and then survive and disappear until he reappears in Thor: Ragnarok to cause even more mayhem; but this time in Asgard! Many have theorized that Ragnarok will actually be The Vision in the MCU, while some say it's just going a clone of Thor like in the comics (though Vision is technically a spawn of Thor in the MCU for spoilery reasons). Personally, I'd love to see it be Ultron.

In the comics, Tony creates Ragnarok with a strand of hair from Thor. It'd be cool to see him combine that strand of hair with the existing A.I he already has (you know he's got some remnant of Ultron left). I know what you're thinking, there;s no way Tony is stupid enough to do that, but when you consider how unstable he is right now, it's entirely possible. In Iron Man 3, he had anxiety issues and flashbacks of his near-death in The Avengers. And in Avengers: Age of Ultron, he

witnesses his best friends die in a vision caused by Scarlet Witch.

So yeah, he could potentially do it. But regardless of how Ragnarok shows up, if he does, it's possible that they'll be adapting the 'character dies and shakes up the rest of the war' plot line. But Bill Foster isn't appearing in Captain America: Civil War, so someone has to take his place if that's the case. And it can't be Captain America or Iron Man, because either of those character's death's would result in the war sending, not being shook up. So who could it be? Well, rumor has it that there will be a Giant-Man in Captain America 3.

According to this Sideshow Collectibles forum, Scott Lang will have his Giant Man ability in Civil War. But I don't think Lang will meet his end this soon, not before a sequel to his solo movie. I think the unlucky hero to take a lightning blast to the chest from Ragnarok or a Ragnarok substitute will be someone closer to either Cap and Iron Man. Specifically, one of these two:

War Machine and Falcon. War Machine is Tony's trusted friend since childhood, and Falcon is one of the few people Cap truly trusts. Having one of these characters die will definitely shake up both sides, and both leaders. The side it shakes up the most depends on who dies. Either way, I think Tony will feel directly responsible for it, since their death will be brought about by a machine that he created. After this, I think the movie will follow the same path as the books, up until Cap's assassination.

I think it'll go about about almost the same way, with Crossbones trying to kill Cap. But instead of the bullet hitting its intended target, Tony will jump in front of it, and sacrifice himself for his best friend. The death would be a lot more emotional because one, no one would expect it. And two, it'll show that in the end, Tony, this character who was always perceived as a billionaire playboy who only cared about his own ambitions, cared about his fellow Avenger enough to die for him.

But that's just my theory. We won't know for sure until Captain America: Civil War releases on May 6, 2016.

So who do you think will die in Captain America: Civil War?


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