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Nearly each and every week of the year there are new games for gamers to experience on their console of choice, and this week there are definitely some cool titles coming out! Rather than a bunch of "new" games, it seems that a lot more games are just making the jump to another platform. Although we aren't really getting any new experiences this week, it is great to see that more people will be able to experience as game regardless of their console affiliation.

Starting off, we have Axiom Verge. This game was created by one Tom Happ from the ground up, and it looks like it is one awesome experience to be had. Taking elements from classic retro games, Axiom Verge has been called a classic released in the modern era.

Next we have got Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster coming to the PlayStation 4. This one has been out for awhile on the other two PlayStation consoles, but it is nice to see that a classic RPG is making the jump to the newest generation of consoles. An intricate story and a battle against a dark force are sure to bring loads of fun whether you are playing through the titles again, or just starting off in the world of Final Fantasy.

Project CARS is going to be drifting onto the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One following its release on Steam last week. This game aims to be the most realistic racing sim to date, bringing incredible real time weather as well as gorgeous overall graphics. In addition to this, the developers have said that when the Oculus Rift DX2 (consumer model) and Sony's Project Morpheus become available to the general public, the game will support it as well. It definitely looks like Project CARS is setting up to be a major competitor in the racing genre.

Last but not least, The Last of Us: Left Behind is being released as a standalone title. Originally released as DLC for The Last of Us, Left Behind follows the story of Ellie before she and Joel crossed paths. It is a really interesting expansion to the game considering that although Joel's background was relatively detailed, Ellie's former life was always more of a mystery. As I said in the video, I would most definitely recommend that you check out The Last of Us in its entirety rather than just playing the standalone DLC. There are some games that can be played through without meaning or lasting effect on the player, but TLoU was most definitely not one of those generic titles.

Be sure to share what games you are going to be picking up in the comments section and leave a like on the video if you enjoyed! Have an awesome week everyone!


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