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Dolores Umbridge (Harry Potter Series)

In the later books of the Harry Potter series we are introduced to this woman who is obsessed with cats and making the lives of others miserable. But what caused her to become like this?

It all happened in her childhood, when she was 14 to be specific. Dolores was a very sociable girl and enjoyed the company of others. She was very well behaved and was rewarded many times for her achievements and behavior. But something happened in the summer after her third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that would change her forever. To start off she lived in a caring home with parents that loved her very much and tried their hardest to give her everything. There was no abuse or any erratic behavior within their house besides a few paddlings that Dolores had received when she was a little girl. Dolores was also not sheltered, she was allowed to go out with her friends just about whenever she wanted, but she was not allowed to lie. And that was the catch with Dolores, believe it or not Dolores was the biggest liar around town, she was just never caught. Whenever her parents would ask what she had been doing and why she had come home so late she would roll the smoothest lie off of her tongue without the slightest bit of hesitation or revelation. She would lie nonstop to her friends and even to her teachers at Hogwarts, and she still never got caught. But one night she finally did.

She was out with her group of friends in her hometown, they were taking a walk through the park at about 11 at night. No one else was around, it was just her and her friends that were ‘mudbloods’, as they would call non magical families. What she didn’t realize is that she had gotten lazy and careless with her lying around her friends since she thought she was so much better and smarter than them and that her friends couldn’t possibly catch Dolores in a lie. But they did, and they wanted payback for the countless years of lying. Dolores soon found this out when her group of five friends circled her and pulled out wooden sticks. “Guys what are you doing?” Dolores asked in a joking manner. “We are going to teach you a lesson about lying Dolores, we are sick of it.” One of her friends said. “Come on guys what are you talking about? I haven’t been lying to you!” She said flawlessly and if her friends hadn’t already caught her in her lies then they might have believed Dolores. But at that time they all rushed in and started hitting Dolores, she tried to block their hits and fight back but it was no use, she had to fight back another way. She remembered that her parents were always telling her she must not use her magic among the non-magic people but she decided she had to this time. So she whipped out her wand and cast a few spells that ended up with all the other girls sprawled out on the ground unconscious. Dolores then ran home hoping that her parents wouldn’t catch her.

When she opened the door her heart sank. There her parents were with their arms crossed waiting for Dolores. “Why are you all bloody Dolores?” Her mother asked casually as if she didn’t even care that Dolores was hurt. “I was seeing how fast I could run a mile with my friends but I tripped and fell on pavement.” Dolores said convincingly. “Mm hm, and why did you cast a few spells? We know when you do in this town Dolores.” Her father said. Dolores was speechless. How had her parents known about all of this, she thought to herself. “We know that you’ve been lying to us this whole time Dolores, and we intend to put a stop to it tonight. Sit at the table and grab a quill and parchment.” Her mother said. Dolores, more nervous than ever before, did so quietly. “You will now write ‘I must not tell lies’ until we tell you to stop.” Dolores started writing and as soon as she did a searing pain started in her back. “Don’t worry, it won’t leave scars.” Her mother said. Reluctantly Dolores kept writing until her parents told her to stop, at which the searing pain had reached her lower back after writing ‘I must not tell lies’ many times. “Lift up the back of your shirt and look in the mirror”. So she did and was horrified by what she saw. her entire back was covered in wounds of ‘I must not tell lies’. Her parents then grounded her for the rest of the summer, locked her in her room during her free time, and denied Dolores any sorts of fun. Her only solace throughout the summer was her pet cat. And as a result of all of that she had a new found love for cats, and a new found hatred for her parents and all others.


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