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When I was just a baby my mother and my siblings had moved into a town house. After 3 years my mom had realized that I was having night terrors. She made sure I always slept in the bed with her so I wouldn't have the nightmares. Nothing would ever change. I turned 5 when it had gotten worse my mom didn't feel comfortable by herself in the house. She said she felt like something was watching her and when she went upstairs to go to bed something would loudly follow her upstairs. After feeling uncomfortable for more than 3 months I started acting up. I picked out an old teddy bear to sleep with and a toy truck I would always play with. My mom said the teddy bear would take away my night terrors. The toy truck on the other hand scared my sister. I had a weird connection to it. At 2am the truck would go off and wheel around. My sister was absolutely terrified, she took the trucks batteries out. The truck still kept going off. She smashed it at a wall and my mom threw it out. That same night I started sleep walking and right in the middle of the living room I would stop and start screaming for hours. My mom definitely didn't feel comfortable. She would tell this thing to leave us alone. It wouldn't stop she was then sitting on the couch with our coffee table in front. The table had pictures of my siblings. There was one photo of my sister, my brother, and I. She was watching TV when she heard scrapping along the table. On the table was that one picture dragging along the table. It fell off the table and made a huge shattering noise. She picked up the picture to see that my siblings faces were cracked but mine wasn't. That's when she cracked she told us we were moving to a different city. In that month span I changed. I would always go down to the basement (that we didn't finish). I would sit in the dark corners and play. This was my brothers room which scared him. After I took interest in the back corner of his room it was always dark. He would always take a lamp and set it up in the back of his room. When he turned it on the back of his room would stay dark. He was constantly trying flashlights and candles. Nothing would ever work. It was the final night before we moved and I was sleeping in a different room than my mom. My mom started to have a nightmare. She woke up to see a dark figure with long hair she kept closing and opening her eyes to see it getting closer. It was finally standing right at the edge of her bed. It was me or it looked liked me. It leaned closer to her ear and whispered "I want her". She shot up and ran down the hallway to find me not in the bed. She looked around and finally tried opening the closet door. It was locked even though it didn't have a lock. My mom screamed for my brother and sister they did everything to open the door. When they finally opened the door I was standing in the corner scratching at the wall. They took me to our new place and everything stopped. Until when I turned 15 my mom had the same nightmare but instead only found me outside on the porch ripping out the wood of the porch. Apparently I was still sleeping and I continued to say "mine mine mine". I could never forget that night.


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