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So since [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) is coming, we are all wondering... Who the F**K is Kylo Ren?!? This is my theory on who he is, and what he has to do with the story.

Ok, so all of Star Wars is "a long time ago" and it's "in a galaxy far, far away." Maybe this means far from Earth? If it does mean far from Earth, that means that Earth exists, and if Earth exists, maybe people from Earth could somehow have a way off the planet and into the Star Wars universe (maybe with something like the portal from Avengers, but who knows?). A long time ago doesn't necessarily imply anything over 100 years. That is a long time. Maybe Kylo Ren was from Earth (even though there's no explanation of how he left Earth) and was coming from the medieval times?

Maybe not, although that would explain the wrist guard things in his lightsaber, because that how swords were where he was from, and maybe when he found out he had the force (again, how did he get there?) he designed it off of swords from his planet. Maybe the air is different, and maybe that's why he has the mask. That'd explain the burnt Darth Vader helmet. He sees it and thinks, "Maybe I wasn't the first." But he was, because Darth Vader was originally born on Tatooine...duh. Now he's just trying to find a way home, and will do anything to get back to his a bye family or one knows, but whatever.

So, whatever your opinion is, I think this is far fetched, but still possible.


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