ByLissa Hodge, writer at

im 25 now and i have had alot of ghost encounters. and none of them bother me as much as the time i was in the 6th grade and was in music or art class. me and 3 other girls were sitting at the table coloring when out the the noisy classroom we heard from down the hall a kid screaming loud. this kid sound like he or she was getting beatin. we four looked up at each other and we was the only ones who heard it none of the other classmates or even the teacher reacted to it. since then i have floated off my bed in a new house by a few inches at night heard voices either say my name or something eles , seen faces pop out of thin air to me, while visting a long time friend of the family trailer walked pass the washer had some water jugs fly from the back of it, turn my bed room light on and had it turned off, seen things out of the conoer of my eyes felt presences, heard foot steps, music playing, thought i hear the tv on when all us were in bed and alseep, had my pets stare in to space like someone was there. none of that other stuff ever bother me but that scream in the 6th grade sure did.


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