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Everyone knows how this caveman family came together to change their future for the better. They survived a natural disaster with the help of an outsider, but how did they learn how to be survives? And how did they ever meet, well I'll tell you. There was once a village where all the cavemen and cave women lived, it was a big community that all took care of each other in order to stay safe from the evil of the outside world. Grug (the father in the croods) had a twin brother and two younger sisters, they were all quite curious similar to Eep. Curiosity was always getting them into trouble. One day these sibling decided they were going to go on a "short" adventure outside of the village. They started preparing for the trip saving up parts of their food rations so they would have food for their trip. After about seven days they decided they were going to embark on their journey. They left a note for their mother and were off, none of them looked back on their village, only on what was ahead of them. By the first night they had seen nothing new to them, they would have to travel farther out to see what is really out there. But with greater lengths comes greater trials and tribulations. They decided to follow a river so they would always have food and water. Each sibling had a weapon to protect themselves with in case of an attack of some creature. On their third day they had finally come across some new plants they seemed to almost watch them as they walked. Finally one of Grugs' sisters Oh decided she was going to stab on of the plants once she had it started gushing this turquoise like goo, some of it got on her skin and it slowly ate her. The remaining three siblings had decided they had seen enough for a life time and that death was not worth knowledge. As they tried to turn around they all realized they didn't know which way was home. Grugs' twin Snug thought they should go right but his sister Ah said they needed to go left, neither would agree so Grug had to choose between the two. He decided to choose his brother and Ah decided she would head home alone, Grug and Snug tried to get her to come with them but she refuse so she went her way and they went theirs. After about a day they finally reached the village, but when they went to enter something was different, the regular guards weren't there at their posts instead warriors had weapons pointed at both Grug and Snug ready for the signal to kill. But for some reason, the chief was having a forgiving day and invited them in to see where these boys had come from, but even they didn't know. The only village they knew that existed was their own, so when they realized there was more of them they felt fear for the first time. How big was their world really? The village fed then and Grug met some of the girls in the village because he was quite the stud back then, but that night Snug got terribly sick he was beyond help and by the next morning he had passed. Grug was in no shape to find home, let alone did he know where home was so he stayed. He never did go home he married one of the village girls name Ugga. They had children and over the years the village seemed to die off and Grug became a very over protective husband and father so his wife would never have to experience what his mother had to go through.


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