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Dominic Jack Morales

We are young authors/directors from Montreal, Canada who decided to do the origin story of the James Bond franchise character, M. To make it clear, since there have been many incarnations of the character over the years. We have settled on the story of the character's most recent portrayal, played by Ralph Fiennes, Gareth Mallory. The film would relate the events of his first solo field mission.

The story begins in a Montreal fancy café, where M is casually enjoying tea. His boss is briefing him on the situation at hand through an earpiece. A man has come in possession of sensitive MI6 documents and he plans to sell them to the wrong people. This scene alternates with one of M searching for the suspect. Just when the briefing ends, M sees his target. The man attacks him and he pulls a gun, that M takes swiftly away from his hand. Remembering that he isn't allowed to kill, he hesitates as he holds the gun to his attacker. The suspect takes this chance to take his gun back and runs off.They start chasing each other through the streets of Montreal. As the suspect is running away, he shoots at M, but the bullets instead hit two bystanders. He finally apprehends the criminal and calls MI6 to report.They tell him that he must be brought to justice back in London. The last scene shows M in the same café as he is debriefed as a mirror to the first scene. He reflects on the fact that, had he not hesitated, the two civilians would have survived and whether he had made the right decision to restrain from killing the suspect.

We really want to make it look and feel like a real James Bond movie experience. Or you know, as much as possible. We really believe our project is doable and we already have most of the resources we need for it, except for the great tools in the GoPro set ;) That would REALLY be a plus!



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