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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
Evan Lee

“No man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.” -Mary Shelley


1. Today's horror movies suck

Granted there are (some) exceptionally well-made horror films out there, but for the most part today's horror films are stinkers. A lot of them are poorly written, poorly acted, filled with cheap jump scares, overused shaky cam, irrelevant gore and (okay) remakes. For some odd reason the genre is stuck between two sub-genres: Paranormal and Splatter Film.

See, I don't mind both of those, but mix it up a bit. Every other film that has to do with ghosts is trying to be the next Paranormal Activity. Then upcoming directors and Hollywood believe having an absurd amount of gore is "scary". It's either gross or irrelevant to the scene... What I mean by that is the director puts a crap load of blood and guts just for shock value. The worse of them all is endless amount of terrible jump scares in today's horror films.

I think a Michael Myers vs. Jason Voorhees film would have a Batman v Superman affect to the horror genre. Pitting two of horror's biggest names against one another will draw in so much attention. You will bring in both hardcore fans and casual moviegoers into theaters. Plus, this match up was tailor-made for marketing!


2. Promote, promote, promote and PROMOTE!

Hollywood needs to promote the hell out of this movie! I'm talking about posters, TV commercials, YouTube ads, fashion, merchandise and most importantly... Late-night TV. I'm telling you folks; if they (Hollywood) have Michael and Jason square off on live television, all hell would break loose! It doesn't have to be anything fancy just have Conan interviewing a guest and the power goes out in the studio. Conan is telling everyone not to panic. Then you hear Michael's theme song and Jason's iconic breathing. The lights turn back on and BAM! Right there in the center of the stage is Michael and Jason staring at each other. Both killers are motionless then the lights go back off. It's very quiet; the lights are back on again and there's no sign of the killers.

That's how they should announce the movie before any tweet, teaser-trailer or poster.


3. Bring in the professionals

All I'm asking for is to have Kane Hodder come back as Jason Voorhees and have Derek Mears play Michael Myers. Both guys are big, intimidating and great actors.


4. Simple story

The story doesn't have to be complex whatsoever it should be short and simple. Have the story/fight take place at Camp Crystal Lake. Have a relative of Myers go to the camp and our story will begin there. Also, no fear of water for Jason!


5. This isn't a teen comedy; make it scary.

This film does NOT need countless pop culture references crammed down our throats and NO celebrities/famous people in this movie. My best advice is to go back to the style of 70's and 80's slasher films. This doesn't have to be an all blood and guts horror film... Build the suspense too! Use the shadows and bring back eerie scores that send shivers down your spine. Have these two behemoths duke it out 2 or 3 times.



Do you believe a Myers vs. Voorhees film would bring a lot of attention back to horror?


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