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One of the most widely discussed topics is the origin of the walkers in the walking dead. This critical portion of the story has been left a mystery to the public….. until now.

The sun was shining with a warm breeze blowing through the campus. It was move out day for all the seniors and Terrance was eager to get out in the world and get a job. His degree in biochemistry cost his parents quite a bit, but given their wealth it was a trivial amount for their son to graduate form a top college (Truth be told, Terrance’s ego was far greater than his intelligence….but that isn’t saying much). Terrance walked to his car, greeting his chauffer as he opened the door to the back seat. His phone began to ring.

“Hey Pops, what’s up?”

“Hello Son. How is the move out going?”

“Not bad, the moving crew you hired for me is doing an okay job. Wish they would move a bit faster though”

“Well I’m sure they are doing the best they can. Well the real reason I’m calling is about a job for you. I have a friend who told me about a project that’s going on privately. To be honest I don’t know the exact details, my friend was vague, but it seems to be very high profile. They said they could let you in on it, given your background, and I feel it would give you a lot of experience.”

“Well Okay, I’ll check it out when I get home. Oh and pops, I know you paid the teachers off for my grades or something. I was definitely getting a 2.0 in my courses but I ended with a 3.8”

“Don’t worry about it. It would have been a waste to send you to that good college and then come out with low marks. And that job is effective immediately. I already told your chauffeur to take you to the airport”

“Sounds pretty serious. I’m not sure I’m up for it”

“Well you don’t have a choice. Whatever they are doing….you better report it back to me”

“Well Okay pops”

“How many times do I have to tell you to not call me that. Now get in the car and head to the airport. This could change your life.”

Terrance hung up and got into the car. He lounged in the back seat with his head leaning back, a smirk on his face.

“hey Jives, what do you think my old man is so worked up about? He’s always been a stiff but he seems extremely serious about this job.”

“I don’t know sir, but im sure you’ll do great and make him proud.”

Jives started the car and headed to the airport.

Terrance always loved flying, the bustling in the airport was his favorite thing. People coming to and from different countries and states, combined with the excitement of getting ready to travel were always something to look forward to. It was the plane ride that he hated, however. “Come on Terrance” said jives with a stern look on his face “Don’t make the pilot wait”. They exited the airport and drove around to the back of the runway where a private jet was waiting. “Just once Id like to fly like a normal person Jives. It sucks always being secluded from everyone” Jives gave terrace a pitied look “I know, but at least you had time to walk around the airport. I won’t lie, you do lead a very privileged life. You should be grateful for what you have.” Terrance shot him a dirty look “but is it really MINE? This is all my parents work, not my own. I don’t own any of it and things that I do simply get overshadowed. They even paid off the teachers to boost my grades. Can you believe that?! I’m just never good enough for them”. “Well don’t worry about it”, Jives said avoiding eye contact “ Take this job as an opportunity to make a name for yourself. Show your parents what you’re capable of without their help…..I have to get going now. Have a safe flight and good luck with the job, Terri”. Terrance walked up the steps to the jet and turned looked over his shoulder back at Jives “Thanks, Jives. Have a good one. See you soon”. With that, Terrance entered the jet and watched out the window as Jives drove off the runway. “What a drag.”

Terrance arrived at a private landing strip outside of a large gated compound. He was escorted inside and led to a lab room. After being introduced to the head researcher, he was told what his mission was……to create the holy grail of medicine… create immortality.

(cut short actual dialogue.) so the basics will be provided as continuation as I had only a day to prepare for this competition.

Terrances jealousy grows as he sees the accomplishments going on at the lab. His need for gratification and acknowledgement grows.

Testing on animals isn’t going well. Nothing is seeming to make any differences, but terrance notices one thing. He had been getting friendly with the head of the research and was let in on a secret compound being created. Separate from the rest of whats being tested and also kept secret from many workers for fear of theft. The potential hoyl grail to life.

Irionically a few days later their benefactor dies of old age and the plant is shut down. Theoretically since he funded the project, the contract stated everything found was his and would die with him. All produced chemicals where to be destroyed as all had resulted in failure anyway.

Frantic, the head researcher did one last test using the secret compound. It was designed to rapidly multiply once in fluids so that it would never leave the hosts system like traditional medicine. It yielded no results in the animal tests and the head researcher resigned himself from any further personal research on the matter….deeming it impossible.

Terrance wasn’t having this. Given what he knew from his years at the university and what he had learned from being at the research facility, he was sure it should have worked. “what if it needs human testing” he thought. He snuck a vial home and out of pure greed and hunger for acknowledgement, he drank the elixir.

As the weeks passed no changes occurred. He was the same as ever. Summer was coming up so terrance decided to go camping. As night approached on the second day into camping he was shaving by a stream. He nicked his chin, he dabbed the cut with a cloth, cursing a bit under his breath. He wipped more blood off his chin and tossed the rag aside. It landed in the river and floated down stream “shit” he thought “that was my only rag”. He sighed and leaned back. Well at least it was a beautiful night.

As the rag floated downstream the blood began to mix with the water. The bacterial composition of the elixir mixed and began to spread in the river exponentially as one bacteria became two and two to four. Within a couple minutes the river was polluted with this “holy grail” of an elixir, and within a day from that moment, all water on the planet was then contaminated. The bacteria were too small to be picked out of the water by modern day filters and soon it was in the main water supply of all countries.

No effects were immediately noticed and no alerts were sounded.

The next day alerts were hitting the news. The dead began to rise.

The elixir that terrance was involved in did indeed extend a persons life span, but not how anyone could have ever imagined. It took effect after one was deceased. You enter a temporary stasis as you die as the bacteria takes over shutting off all regions of the brain other than the brain stem, leaving nothing but a strong desire to feed. By rapidly multiplying in the water, it doomed us all as every creature requires water to live. It has no affect on animals but the reason for that remains unknown. it is just how the bacteria operates as it is man made it must be an accident or intentional. Once the bacteria is absorbed into soil , it can dry up and be carried by the wind. Once hitting a moist surface such as the mouth, lungs, eyes etc, the bacteria will reanimate so even those in dry climates can be affected.

(my name is scott peraza. 363 smith farm road orange, CT)

The story is more in depth but as i said, time constraints prevented that


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