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The scene starts with a young man in his 20's working as a janitor in Wayne enterprise. He's listening to a Walkman as he's mopping floors when he suddenly hits the hand of the CEO of the company and forces him to spill his coffee (or any preferred hot drink) and starts ranting on how the drink was from South America and how his suit was almost $500 or something like that. We get a close up of his name tag, but it's too scratched up to read. He later comes home to his wife, who is pregnant and is reading a magazine. They have inaudible dialogue as he slumps into her arms with her only saying "You worry too much. I want you to smile." Later, it's shown him doing a job at a comedy club, where he's bombing. Badly. He comes home to see a gang member riffing up his wife for money she owes. He comes to find that she has a gamble debt of $100,000. She swears that she has the money and she'll pay them back tomorrow. The next day, the man (joker) comes home to see his door broken down and his wife's body on the floor behind a couch. They go to the hospital and it turns out her surgery was half a million dollars. The man goes to every bank in Gotham and gets rejected because all of the banks are owned by the mob at the time. He goes to ask his boss for a raise and gets fired for it. He goes back to his house to find his wife there crying on the bed. He carves his own face into a smile and says to her "You worry too much. I want you to smile." They both start laughing darkly and she grabs the knife and stabs herself. He stands there laughing, tears streaming down his face. We then open up with the man taking the mask of saying "I believe that whatever doesn't kill you, simply makes you stranger".


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