ByLeah Gomez, writer at

Lewis Carols "Alice in Wonderland" is one of the most creative and imaginative tales ever created. Walt Disney pictures has taken Lewis's perplexing tale and turned it into not one but two successful movies, with a sequel speculated to be on its way. Even though there are many fans invested in the Wonderland land universe not much is known about the residents of wonderland aside from what Alice witnesses in her time there. One of the biggest fan favorites and the most mysterious character that Alice comes across is the Cheshire Cat. The Cheshire Cat seems to be the only cat in Wonderland but he is but no means an average cat. He presents Alice with a lot of philosophical questions and seems to be rather intelegent, he can also disappear almost completely just leaving his famous wide-mouth grin. He also helps Alice later on but its never explained why or what his motivation was for this. I believe the Cheshire cat was born a human in wonderland but he was very different from his fellow wonderland companions. He wasn't insane but merely curios with a taste for knowledge and learning. His curiosity was aimed mostly towards the human world and their much more organized way of living. He was inspired by our worlds philosophers and he realized a way to help the people of wonderland. He realized it was wrong for the Queen of Hearts to have so much power so he made plans to overthrow her. This was a huge mistake. She had him captured and kept him in the dungeon alone for years until he finally went insane. Cheshire managed to escape his prison and get to the safety of the white Queen. She wanted to help him but knew that once the Queen of Hearts discovered him missing he would be recaptured. So the good Queen turned him into a cat so he wouldn't be recognized. She also gave him the ability to disappear at his own will and he would forever remain smiling because he now knew there was a prophecy and a young girl would one day come and set them free.


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