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This is an origin of the Zorro Beborn. An updated take on Zorro. They are developing on and off in radar.

Apparently, studio tried to pump some life to this Zorro film series for years. The pitches all circle around him fighting evil cooperation in near future version with some high tech version of his classic gears ( mask, sword and bullwhip) and a black body armor of course. Clearly it’s done to dead. By this point, the hero market is saturated. I don't see a lot of Zorro fans demanding a new film, after watching two mostly British cast Disneyized films. The real Mexicans didn't even have more than ten lines, and they stood 50 feet away from the lens every shots. If this is taken place in years away, by this point the concept of latino in California is loosely defined. As long as Zorro is still the hero of the people.

Let’s do a little r&d on the super hero themes. It somewhat divides into three major scenarios. In most Marvel films, some dude gets into a scientific accident and its transformation forces him to make the decision to be a hero or a monster. In DC or the superman world, a story of the chosen one to deal with the world around him and inside him. Well, Zorro is where Batman partially conceptualized from. In a realistic world, a human tragedy makes a man to turn things around with what available around to confront a dark force in a possible situation. The list of the hero shared same DNA can go on endless, Punisher, Daredevil, Kickass and Green Arrow. The question is ‘Can we do something else?’ The latest version of such stories have been heavily affected by materials like occupy movement, government corruption and financial collapse. It is a way to talk about social injustice through the journey of a man.

To set up a good origin, it needs a very strong beginning that set up the villain. Dark knight has Ra's al Ghul. Let’s have him to be middle-eastern, that’s right. Let’s name him Jarah. Will tell why later. He is born in middle east and was being approached to get recruit into a terrorist group. He refused and ran off because his twin was killed in an explosive test. Years later, he came to US as a refugee and becomes a veteranarian student. You may ask how he came in. Fun fact: Baha’i is a religion muslim does not like, if you are Baha’i, you qualify as a refugee and get a green card. He is haunted by brother’s death. He focuses his energy on saving animals. That brought him to be on branch of Peta video online. He is being interviewed by Fox News. They use his word to make fun of third world country.A childhood friend contacts him for information of sightseeing designation in US. He gave him a list which includes San Diego zoo. He got out school and gets a job in South Central Los Angeles. San Diego Zoo gets bombed. Picture this’ Panda on fire on local news footage’. Shocked, his office is broken in at night, only find a wounded mask Mexican man. He was a customer. His dog was saved here, from another gunshot wound. He fixes his gunshot wound. The mask man is a local crime fighter that he was shot by cops after he fought with bad guys in a nearby robbery. He is too old to do this. Cop are looking for him. He is willing to be caged in animal hospital, so his wound can heal. Jarah has been robbed at gun-pointed before, so he can understand the police are not helping. They develop a friendship. They decide to help each other. A middle eastern vet is going to be transformed into a Mexican superhero, no one will expect that and hurt people or animals around him. The Zorro outfit is perfectly police safe, because it is super gay and farthest thing to look like a criminal to police’s eye. It basic is salsa dancer outfit with a mask. The pervert mustache will have the perfect Clark Kent glass effect to disguise a middle eastern man, especially for any NSA facial recognizing program. He thinks the next target is LA zoo, since he was a medical student here, didn’t go nowhere, that’s all he gave them back then.

A fire goes off in LA zoo. Flaming penguins. Nothing he can do and his physical training is going nowhere. Here he is contacted by the mexican’s daughter Maria. She works for the TV news as a janitor nighttime, but disguised as an intern daytime. A message coded in Aimaq is hidden in the onsight photos, ‘ I found you.’ Her father is getting sick. He went to save the mayor after he receives a message from Jarah. He didn’t send that message. He has to go help. He gets there and witnesses him being killed by a cop. Cop comes after him. He escapes on a horse and destroys Scientologist center while plow through traffic everywhere. Maria and her gang of sistas find him and rescues him. She took him back to a super East LA hideout. To manipulate him to help her, she sleeps with him. Next morning, the killer cop confesses that he is hired by someone. The CIA think this person is no other than Jarah’s Twin. He wasn’t killed, but he rises to top as a special agent. He has occupied in country as a mastermind for some years. Maria realizes her father was killed because of jarah. She kicks him out.

To clarify Jarah’s innocent, he surrenders himself as the mask man. His fan base has grown. People are mailing them weapons and body armor left and right from Texas to Australian.

The CIA captures his twin and put him and his member in cells. They protest by keep screaming ’U.S.A! U.S.A! .’ non-stop for days till he throws up in blood. There they escape. Now Jarah is a target. He have to let him go and protect him. Jarah has to suit up to be the new Zorro and face his brother.

Written by Anthony Fung

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