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An alien terrorist attack has begun in a region on Reach known as "Alpha Centauri" and the soldiers are already losing the battle, they begin to retreat.

Headquarters receive word of the attack and with no hesitation begin recruiting more soldiers for the Super Soldiers Program.

Many young men and women in their early twenties who have met the requirements for being eligible for the secret program have begun transfering into Reach. Five if which (out of the 2000) know each other very well and are friends. Two pairs of the friends have a relationship. Alex Cancer (later to be known as Noble Six) is engaged to Vanessa Ouran, Adam Centauris and Ceres Cepheus have just started dating, and then there's Tyrese Draco the charming bachelor, the five know each other very well and are best friends.

Our super soldier heroes go into hardcore training with Admiral Margaret before being genetically enhanced. Finally being allowed to move forward with the procedure all 2000 soldiers are genetically enhanced and are ready to take on the aliens on Alpha Centauri.

Alex Stuck: After what seemed to be a suicidal death by an explosion to take out an enemy satellite/fort that lets the mother ship pinpoint the exact location of it's soldiers, Alex was able to get his special teleport tech to get him out in time but he was knocked out and unaware of it, Alex ends up in "Nubai" an enemy territory with most of it's civilians in shelters because of the alien attack in "Alpha Centauri". Alex is far from civilians and instead finds himself not too far from a battle going on with "Nuberians" and the aliens. In cryo sleep, that his suit put him under, Alex is buried by rocks and dirt from his collision, surprisingly protected by any scouts, Nuberians or aliens. After waking up, Alex digs out of the pile that protected him only to find that most of his gear and weapons are terribly damaged. To survive, Alex stakes out the area while hiding and waits to set off a few explosives he still had. Thinking he just took out a pair of "Scrowls", the aliens smallest and weakest soldiers normally used for scouting, he finds that he just killed two Nuberians. Alex panics and starts bawling out yelling, "NO, no I'm in no no NO! NO!" "NO-NO-NO!", seeing the Nuberian in his arms dying knowing full well that killing a Nuberian could mean full on war with Nubai he decides to bury them. Alex takes out a concussion bomb setting it to low impact for a small hole to put them in. Quickly he strips one of them and gets as much as he could carry from them to blend in.

Alex is suddenly ambushed by Scrowls and fights for his life. He survives but ends up badly injured and decides to use the last of suits energy source to use satellite tracking to find a way into civilian territory. While walking a Nuberian civilian driving by pulls over to offer help and a ride to where he needs to be. Afraid that they'll see he's not a Nuberian alex rejects the offer but the man insists frustrated alex yells "NO!" steps back and trips on a rock. His hood falls off and the man and his son see that he's a Centaurian, the fairly old man pulls out a pistol and starts speaking in English. Alex surrenders immediately and puts both hands in the air Alex then cries "Please! I don't mean any harm." Jahmar then replies "Then what are you doing here?" "Azazel get back in the car, NOW!" he yells to his son.

"I just-I crash landed here! Please!"

Jahmar: "I'm not gonna shoot you... frankly i don't even understand why our districts are the way they are." (Puts way pistol)

A police car driving nearer and knowing that association with Centaurians like: Speaking to one, conspiracy with one, and harboring one can result in death Jahmar panics and offers Alex protection to also save his own skin.

Jahmar: "Oh shit, get in the car."

Alex: "What?"

Jahmar: "Get in the goddamn car!"

The police officers stop next to them. Officer: "Is everything alright here?" (In there language) (which is Indian)

Jahmar responds in their language.

Jahmar: "Yeah we're fine just checking on the old thrust engines."

Officer looks around at the guys in the car.

Officer: "Very well then, don't stay out too late you know we have a curfew all citizens must be in their shelters or the public shelters provided by the City."

Jahmar: "Yes officer thank you."

Jahmar smiles and the officers move on.

Jahmar: "Oh man, what have i done?"

Alex: "What's wrong?"

Jahmar: "What do you mean what's wrong?!" "I've just harbored a Centaurian!"

Alex: "Alright look, calm down. It's simple just help me find a way back to Alpha Centauri and I'll be on my way."

Jahmar: "Simple?!" "Our districts are in the middle of a feud and you think it's simple to get you back to Centauri?!"

(calms down) "Look my friend, there's not many people going in and out of Nubai to get to Alpha." (sigh) "The only people I could think of that get into Alpha without any trouble would be our traders and political leaders, and that's as long as Centauri still needs business with our traders."

Alex: "What? No! I - I need to get back!"

Jahmar: "Look, I think maybe, I could get my brother to smuggle you back but - - NO no. No if anything were to go wrong then my brother could be killed."

Alex: "Alright hold on... if I could get my camo cloak to work then i could hide very subtly, no one gets caught no one gets killed". Jahmar finally agrees and begins talking with his brother who agrees so they could quickly get rid of the Centaurian.

Jahmar: "Okay, I talked him into it but there's a small problem."

Alex: "Well what?"

Jahmar: (sighs) " It's gonna take money to be able to pay for the permit that allows him to take the amount of weight that your putting on in his cargo and we won't be able to come up with it in our we need to find you a job it won't be easy and we certainly won't be able to come up with it quick."

Alex: " Well how long do you think it's gonna take?"

Jahmar: "To be able to come up with supplies to make the cargo seem legit we estimate around a year, maybe two."

When Alex is able to be smuggled back he is deeply greatful of the family's kindness and swears to return the favor. Alex immediately reports to his commanding officer with a chip recovered from the alien base that he destroyed. Alex is welcomed back with a huge ceremony covered by news and media. It's shocking news to Vanessa who has moved on and can't bring herself to attend the ceremony. While in his apartment Alex receives a letter that reads

"To Alex Cancer

Alex, we are pleased to inform you that a spot has opened up for our secret military branch "Noble Team" if you are interested in taking up the position please report to your commanding officer with this letter.

Admiral Margaret"

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