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When I first saw the trailer for Southpaw I was blown away by the performances in the trailer. I really think this actually might earn Jake Gyllenhaal an Oscar. It is a lot to assume, but I think it will happen and here is why.

In Rocky V, we see some parallel issues to Southpaw. They both lose everything to awful circumstances and have to fight to get back to the top. Most of the Rocky movies did this same method again and again and it did kinda get old after a while.

Rocky V's major flaw was that in the movie he was diagnosed with severe brain trauma and couldn't come back to the ring. So he starts training a kid to become like him and ends up being abandoned my this kid. Do to the brain trauma he won't fight him in the ring, but instead will street fight him. After all that is accomplished he will live out his day poor and penniless. Come on that's stupid and it really ruined Rocky. It drove him back to hell and kept him there.

In Southpaw you see some of the same issues, but with better execution. Jake Gyllenhaal's character decides to retire, do to a his wife's decision, and ends up losing his wife in the process. Do to all of the grief of losing his wife he can't cope with reality and loses everything. Literally everything. Then he drives himself to be better for the sake of his daughter.

Not only is this better than Rocky V, It is probably one of the best boxing movie trailers I have ever seen. You won't see a hugging contest in this fight. Hell No! Someone is going to get knocked out. Just make sure it isn't you.


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