ByJoshua Lee Dmytrowich, writer at

After an epic street battle with the Reverse Flash Central City's Scarlet Speedster disappears in an explosion of light. At 12 midnight last night Starlight City's Green Arrow, Black Canary and The Flash all started to fight the Reverse Flash at 12 midnight last night. After the Green Arrow shot several arrows towards the Reverse Flash he dodged them all. The Flash fought the Reverse Flash because he killed Nora Allen ( The Flash's mother ). This is where they go into the past. They both run extremely fast so they both ran into the past. They both have been fighting for centuries and Eobard Thawne is from the future. The Flash has been trying to find the man who killed his mom and if he finds who really killed her he might not even put him in the Particle Accelerator cause all the other Meta Humans are there and if he runs at Super speed he will free them all. Eobard is holding Eddie in the S.T.A.R Labs basement. Although he isn't a scientist he has developed a lot of knowledge of the past 15 years, scientific knowledge. Eobard killed Nora Allen he might kill his own relative. Eobard's superspeed might run out as well, because as we saw in one of the episodes it shows that they are both fighting around Nora and then young Barry's dad tells him to run, The Flash takes Barry. The Reverse Flash also went in the other direction. His superspeed runs out. The Flash might travel into the future back to Cisco and Katelyn. Captain cold and heatwave might tell everybody in the world that Barry is the Flash. Let's find out in the last few episodes of the Flash. Oh did I tell you the director of The Flash is not making the series any more


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