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So last night it aired 'Once Upon a Time' 2 hour season 4 finale and here are my top moments from the episode.

Warning: there are spoilers ahead. If you have not seen the episode yet, go watch it and come back later.

5) Long live The Evil...Snow?

As we all know The Author joined forces with Rumple, so all the villains could get their own happy endings.

Gold instructs Isaac to write a new story where all the roles are reversed. The characters we all know and love are trapped in this new book "Heroes and Villains" and they start behaving opposite to what they once were.

So, Rumpelstiltskin becomes the knight with a shining armour and gets a happy ending with Belle, Zelena marries Robin (not for too long...), Regina turns out to be a bandit trying to escape Snow White who is now the Evil Queen and Emma gets locked up in a tower, protected by the Dragon Lily.

Henry eventually finds the Author (who also got an happy ending) and enters into the book to save his family.

4) Emma is the only one who remembers.

It turns out that Emma is trapped inside this tower and Henry goes in her rescue along side Hook.

Hook is no longer the captain of the Jolly Roger and with the help of Henry they fight Captain Blackbeard.

When they get to Emma they discover that she still has her memories intact. Rumple decided that would be Emma's punishment. Remembering her loves ones, but not being able to be with them.

They escape the prison and go find Regina so they can break this spell.

3) The Apprentice gets out of the hat.

With the help of the Blue Fairy, Emma and the gang manage to free The Apprentice from the Hat.

At this point they are all free from the spell casted by The Author.

At the request of Belle, he decides to retrieve all the darkness inside Gold's heart and contain it inside the hat. Since it is the Dark One's darkness, soon it breaks free and kills The Apprentice.

Before dying, he tells the group that the only way to destroy the darkness is to find the sorcerer, who happens to be Merlin. He is the only one capable of doing such thing.

2) Regina's sacrifice.

Going back to the paralel story.

After finding out that they can only break the spell by Regina giving the kiss of true love to Robin, Emma, Hook, Henry and Regina went to stop Zelena marriage with Robin.

There they found their way blocked by Rumple the knight, who wants to prevent the breaking of the spell at any cost.

At one point Rumple is face to face with Henry and in an act of true love Regina gets in front of him and stops Rumple's blade from hurting her son.

The Author appears, gets in a fight with Emma and during that the magic pen falls off. Henry grabs it and becomes the new Author. He uses the blood from Regina to bring all the people back to Storybrooke.

1) Emma becomes the Dark One.

After the Dark One's darkness left Gold's body and killing the Apprentice, it starts seeking out a new body to inhabit.

At first it traps Regina, since now she has light magic inside her and that's what the darkness needs to be alive.

But then, in an act of true heroism and in order to safe Regina, who has fought a long time to finally achieve her happy ending, Emma grabs the dagger and sucks the darkness into her.

The episode ends with Emma's name appearing on the dagger.

Wrapping up:

The episode was crazy as always and it ends with an huge cliffhanger. Basically I cannot wait for season 5 to see and the new characters that will be introduced!

What did you thought of the season finale?


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