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I watched Run all night yesterday, and I really wanted to do a review of it. I think it was a great movie. The story was great, the actors was great, the action was great.

If you are a fan of the action-crime genre, then I would very much recommend you to watch this movie. The plot of the movie is set in New York. Michael Conlon (played by Joel Kinnaman) get dragged into a crime scene, and all evidence point towards him committing it. Liam Neeson play his father. He try to protect his son, after killing a mafia/gang leaders son.

Liam Neeson play Jimmy Conlon. He is a criminal. He went free after doing a big crime. We don't get told what he did, but we understand it by the way the movie is built up. He left his son after his wife died. We see Liam Neeson playing a different kind of character. He usually play the tough, badass man, but in this movie we see him struggle with drinking, family, money and violence. I think Liam did a good job, but still not his best.

The best part of the movie is Joel Kinnamann, playing Michael. He is a swedish actor, so his New Yorker accent got a little bit distracting after a while. Michael is the son of Jimmy. Jimmy left Michael when his mother died. Michael is a limousine driver. One day some Albanians ask him to drive them to his childhood friend, Danny Maguire (played by Boyd Holbrook). Danny is the son of Shawn Maguire (played by Ed Harris). Danny kill the Albanians, and later try to kill Michael. Danny is ready to shoot Michael, then Jimmy show up and kill Danny. Now Danny's father is trying to kill Michael to get his revenge.

This movie reminded me of the video game Gta V. There are a lot of similarities. Like when there is a new scene, the camera zoom out and up in the sky, and then moves over to the next scene. It looks just like when you are switching characters in the Gta V story mode. Jimmy reminded me a lot of the character Michael from Gta V. Randomly enough, his son is named Michael...

The action is cool. Maybe it has a bit too much shaky-cam. I am personally not a big fan of shaky-cam. I think action is best shot when it is well directed, and the fact that you CAN SEE what is going on. The camera is almost at all times in eye-hight. That effect gives it kind of documentary look. Almost like you are dragged into the movie. The action is good, but it is no way like "the raid-good".

Something I didn't know was that Vincent D'Onofrio was in this movie! I had no idea. But it was very good. He is known for playing the "King-pin" in the new daredevil series. Where he did an excellent job. It was weird seeing him play a good cop after watching daredevil (and with hair). He did a good job, I really liked his performance. I even liked it better than Ed Harries' gangster villain.

I am a very big fan of the action-crime genre. The movie reminded me in many ways of the movie Joel Kinnaman is known for, the "easy money" movies ("Snabba cash" in swedish). If you haven't seen that, I very much recommend it. This is a very good directed movie. I never found myself looking at my phone or anything like that. It was a very entertaining movie all the way to the end. Go watch it if you can!

Have you seen it? What did you think? Let me know if you agree or disagree with me in the comments!


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