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Everyone has a naughty and nice side. And sure, the Disney princesses we have grown up with can get sassy and fierce at time, but in general we know them as being sweet as honey.

I bet you have never seen the Disney Princesses like this. They bring out their villainous side, even wearing their enemies' threads to fully capture the maliciousness of Ursula, the Evil Queen, Jafar, and so on.

They almost make these antagonists likable.

Ariel as Ursela

Art by Fanpop

Ariel doesn't look half bad with tentacles. And her grimace is one to rival Ursula's.

Aurora as Malificent

Art by Safira-09

That horned head piece is a statement piece many cannot pull off, but Aurora looks ferocious in it and all this black.

Belle as Gaston

Art by Media Cache

I can't be the only person who think Emma Watson would look stunning and badass in this outfit.

Cinderella as the Evil Stepmother

Art by Fanpop

Cinderelly, Cinderelly. Looking evil with that smirk and pompous cat in her arms.

Jasmine as Jafar

Art by Safira-09

That red really pops nicely against her tan skin. Not to mention she looks like she's up to no good.

Snow White as the Evil Queen

Art by Fanpop

Maybe Snow White has learned her lesson and has now decided to make poisonous apples...not eat them.

Tiana as The Shadow Man

Art by Safira-09

Tiana would make a killer voodoo witch doctor. I'm already under her spell.

Don't be fooled by those sweet smiles and innocent faces. Deep down, these Disney Princesses have a darker side that they might just unleash if you cross them the wrong way.

I know I wouldn't want to mess with a six-appendaged Ariel. Those tentacles alone look like they can suck the life out of you.

[Source: M Magazine, Media Cache]


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