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Now, when Ryan Reynolds tweets about the upcoming Deadpool, it's about as reliable a source of anarchic, foul-mouthed, deeply peculiar awesomeness as...well, as Deadpool himself is in comic-book form. He is, in many ways, able to channel the Merc with a Mouth as effectively as Robert Downey Jr. is able to transform himself, seemingly effortlessly, into Tony Stark - presumably because both men were almost astonishingly aptly cast in the respective roles...

Reynolds' latest post, though - in celebration of everyone's favorite maternal greetings card-based holiday, Mother's Day - may just take that onslaught of social media genius to a whole new level:

What's perhaps a little more surprising, though, is the side effect that Reynolds' gloriously sweary post has the ability to provoke:

That Tweet Somehow Just Made Me Super Nostalgic

Yup. Just like that.
Yup. Just like that.

The key, I suspect, was his reference to Deadpool having been "a motherfucker since 1991" - which thankfully isn't implying that he'll be playing the anti-hero as being only 24 years old.

Instead, it's a subtle reference to Deadpool's first appearance, all the way back in February 1991's New Mutants #98. Which looked a little something like this:

Now, sure, the Deadpool we now know and love wasn't exactly fully formed yet - co-creators Fabian Nicieza and Rob Liefeld gave him his signature snarkiness and iconic costume, but not a whole lot else - but there's still something pretty awesome about remembering that Deadpool's actually only been around for a short while in the greater scheme of Marvel comics - but that it's still been 24 whole years since he made his first appearance...

And he was already a glorious and spectacular asshole, even way back then.

Which, thankfully, Reynolds has been able to capture...just...


What do you think, though?

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