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People who stumble upon forgotten safes might fantasize about the golden doubloons or diamonds ensconced inside, but in reality the contents can be more of a curse than a blessing.

Below are some of the most chilling objects to be found in locked vaults that nobody in their right mid would ever want to find:

1. Not a Safe Place

Imgur user Oldswagon is a reformed thief who earns money on the side by unlocking safes for people, but little did he know that this job could lead to him helping to solve a vile crime.

A landlord contacted the lock-master to help him bust into a safe that one of his tenants had left behind, but neither of them were prepared for the evil that was lurking inside.

Once Oldswagon had disabled the lock by hot-wiring it, the safe swung open and revealed that things would have gone very differently if he had used an acetylene torch to bust through the door... yup, that's a live grenade.

Unfortunately, the live grenade was one of the more innocent items concealed within the safe's near impenetrable metal walls.

The SD cards pictured above were all filled with child pornography and the journal was so depraved that Oldswagon wrote "I thumbed through it, and I won't tell you what was in it so you can sleep tonight."

The authorities were informed of the upsetting material and all of the items above were confiscated to help find the perpetrator who is believed to have been running a child pornography ring.

2. Hurt Locker

Peggy Hettrick's hand after death: Photo courtesy of Fort Collins police
Peggy Hettrick's hand after death: Photo courtesy of Fort Collins police

In Fort Collins Colorado, 1987, a school locker was searched after the murder of a local girl named Peggy Hettrick and the police never forgot what they found.

Timothy Lee "Tim" Masters' locker was crammed full of over 2,200 pages of violent writings and horrific drawings of mutilated bodies, with some of them resembling the scene where Hettrick was murdered.

The 15-year-old pupil was found guilty at trial and sentenced to life imprisonment, but he was eventually acquitted in 2008 when advances in forensic science cleared him of acting out his sick fantasies in real life. Peggy Hettrick's murderer has never been caught.

3. Crawl Space of Mystery

Reddit user lmbrjack found a bizarre hidden crawl space in his house, but it was the locked safe within that contained the most spine-chilling material...

The tiny place designed to fit a water heater was carpeted and led to a mysterious black door that was locked.

In order to be able to sleep in the house ever again, lmbrjack broke through the door and was greeted by a black sentry safe that was looming in the corner...

...When the safe was opened, it contained numerous VHSC tapes that didn't seem to contain innocent home movies.

"No no no no" can't be good, right?

As if that wasn't bad enough, there was also a chilling note in ominous dripping black ink.

While some have accused lmbrjack of setting up an elaborate hoax, he is adamant that he really did find these eerie objects in the crawl space of his home.

Eight months ago, lmbrjack told the Reddit community that he has turned the tapes he found in to the police, he explained:

"The reason why I took everything down was at the request of the Sheriff. It's a lot of stuff relevant to an ongoing case now and they politely asked me to do it so I figure that it would be wise to do so. If further news does happen and it's figured out, I do have permission to scan the reports and show them online after the case is closed. Though I do hope it doesn't get too news or media involved. I really don't want to deal with that."

4. Sink Your Teeth Into This

When she was refurbished a derelict home, Ann Kantola discovered a wall safe hidden behind the plasterwork. Convinced it might hold something of value, she called a locksmith to crack it open, but instead of riches she was greeted with a handful of human teeth.

Their origins were probably totally innocent, but they are unsettling none the less...

5. Severed Shocker

Image by diemortalroom (link below)
Image by diemortalroom (link below)

When Mr. Shannon Whisnaut bought a barbecue smoker from an auctioned storage unit, it contained a leg that definitely didn't once belong to a lamb...

The severed human limb was wrapped in tinfoil, but when police traced it's owner, the leg's origins turned out to be distinctly less murderous than they were expecting.

The former owner of the storage unit, Mr. John Wood, was involved in a plane crash in 2004 that meant his leg had to be amputated below the knee. He opted to keep the limb so he could be buried with it, but somehow forgot that he put it in storage. You couldn't make this shit up.

6. Grandma's Garage Grave

Unit B8 of U-Stor Self Storage in Tampa, Florida didn't seem suspicious, but a dark family secret had been lurking behind its locked doors since 1995.

When the owners fell behind on their rent, the unit was unlocked and shocked staff members saw a coffin sitting in the darkness. When it was pried open, they were horrified to find it contained the remains of an elderly woman.

The owner of the storage unit, the deceased's granddaughter, claimed her own mother revealed the whereabout of the corpse when she was on her death bed. She told police officers that she did not know what to do with the body after learning of its whereabouts. The Tampa Bay Times reported:

"The woman in the coffin appeared to have been "properly processed" for burial, medical examiners told police. So far, there is no answer to why she wasn't buried. Police don't think she died under suspicious circumstances."

12 years after she died, the grandmother was finally laid to rest.

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(Image of severed leg sculpture: Die Mortal Room)


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