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If you haven't seen it already, Marlon Wayans Instagrammed this incredibly naughty and revealing photo just four days ago.

And when I say revealing, I'm not only talking about the fact that his pants are down by his ankles. This is Wayans' way of announcing a Fifty Shades of Grey spoof called Fifty Shades of Black.

Wayans is again pairing with producer-writer Rick Alvarez, whose credits include Scary Movie 2, White Chicks, A Haunted House, A Haunted House 2.

As Wayans puts it,

"Sex and comedy go hand-in-hand and I'm looking forward to having fun with this project. It’s amazing when a film of this caliber comes along begging to be made fun of. I’m really happy to be doing what I love with people I love to do it with. That double entendre was intentional."

It may be true that Fifty Shades of Grey is phenomenal content just asking to be made fun of, but I have to ask if spoof films are a thing of the past.

Sure, five whole Scary Movie films exist, but let's be honest... most people stopped watching them after the second one. I wouldn't be surprised if the tone of Fifty Shades of Black ends up similar to the Scary Movies.

I'm not sure this will hold up in this day in age, as Scary Movie 2 came out in 2001, and that was probably the last spoof film that was actually funny and engaging. At the same time, the Wayans brothers are generally pretty damn funny, so I'd like to be positive and have hope that it will produce some side-splitting laughter.

But it is possible to be too hopeful...


Are you going to check out Fifty Shades of Black?

[Source: The Hollywood Reporter]


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