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I don't know about you, but I feel like the casting of Vision in [The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035) was impeccable. Not only did Joss Whedon go with a guy, in Paul Bettany, who looks the part, but his purposefully robotic acting as an artificially designed hero was perfect.

It's not easy to play that slightly distant, incredibly intelligent, and semi-human semi-robot character, but Bettany nailed it. So, what would you say if, prior to getting this role, Paul Bettany went through extreme adversity and was basically told by a producer that he would never make it in Hollywood?

You'd probably think that dude was a moron. This awesome story about what transpired right before Bettany was cast is pure inspirational gold. Check out how he told it in an interview with Business Insider:

"I’d actually just had a meeting with a producer who had told me I was never going to work again and I stepped out into Hollywood and I sat on the sidewalk with my feet in the gutter and I thought ‘f--- me,'"

Bettany had voiced JARVIS and was a successful actor. I guess it can be typical of some jaded Hollywood types to put people down in this rude manner, but it just seems like it was legitimately unfounded.

Here he was back in 2001 in A Knight's Tale.

Anyway, Bettany was literally in the gutter, not feeling so hot about himself and his career. That's when he got a call from Joss Whedon asking if he was interested in playing Vision in AoU! Life is funny like that...

"I said yes. And I sort of looked up to heaven and thought karma’s very quick these days ... and flipped the building behind me the finger."

Bettany was unfamiliar with the character of Vision, but he did his research and made it his own. I think he was one of the bright spots from the second half of the film, and more than held his own.

So, I guess the lesson is simple here. If an egotistical moron who is probably less talented than you tells you you can't do something, don't get too down. Joss Whedon might just call you and change your life forever.



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