ByJon Gudmundsson, writer at

I honestly don't know where to start...

Let me start by telling you that I don't remember when I last abandoned a film half way through. No matter how bad the film is, the acting, the storyline etc. I'm usually very determined to watch the whole thing through, desperately seeking some positives to the film.

In this case however.. I just couldn't sit through 75 minutes of this utter rubbish.

The "acting" (note that I'm using this word VERY lightly) was abysmal.. I've seen a 7-year-old in a school play starring as a stationary "one line" tree, do a better job than the lead cast in this film. The performance was awkward and really uncomfortable to watch.. I actually cringed on several occasions during the short time I spent watching this train wreck.

The set...Oh god that tragic set... here we are.. I cringed again just thinking about it.

The set looked like it had been cut out from a VERY average porn film from the 70's.. Now wipe that look off your face, we've all seen one of them films..

Wow-wee! If he were a girl, I'd be ridin' a gravy train with biscuit wheels.

I'm honestly at a loss for words right now.. Please don't watch this rubbish... it's 75 minutes you'll never get back... Do ANYTHING else but watch this film... Call your mother, go shopping... Count the leafs on the tree outside.. all of which would be a better time spent.


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