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Rob Harris

If you haven't yet heard of Ex Machina - the beguiling psychological thriller about a highly sexualized robot woman - then this hotly released red band trailer is the perfect introduction!

The movie comes straight from the inspired (and slightly twisted) mind of Alex Garland, writer of The Beach, 28 Days Later and Sunshine. That back catalogue should give you an idea of what to expect: unsettling horror/sci-fi that will haunt you for days after the credits roll. I could go on telling you about it, but the incredibly stylish movie comes across much better in pictures. Take a look at some of the trailer's highlights:

Meet Ava

She's an AI, but more importantly she's incredibly hot.

Fetishizing Fake Flesh

Though a robot, Ava simulates the appearance of a real human on her arms and face, resulting in a rather unsettling and sexually confusing overall aesthetic.

Cyborg Sexuality

As the alluring AI deconstructs herself, we're forced to deconstruct what exactly it means to be human.

Meet Ava's Friends

Things start to get a little sinister when Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) discovers a selection of these sexbot-like machines. What are their true purpose and why are they all women?

Check out the full trailer below:


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