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After over a decade of waiting, it's finally happening! While promoting his new Disney scifi-adventure film Tomorrowland, director Brad Bird officially announced something amazing. Fans have been waiting to hear this news since 2004 when the animated hit The Incredibles first graced the silver screen, leaving audiences feeling kind of like this...

Bird told Collider in an interview that a sequel to The Incredibles is officially in the works and will be his next movie. Now, this isn't exactly the freshest of news considering it's been in talks for years now, but it is reassuring to hear it directly from the horse's mouth.

Check out his comments on the subject below:

When asked if he was finally ready to jump back to the world of The Incredibles after the Tomorrowland buzz dies down, Bird said, "Yeah, it feels like it to me."

Sounds like it's time to brush off those super suits and get back into action!

As of now, we're still unsure of just where the storyline is going to take us, but Brad Bird's breadth of work gives us little reason for concern. He has also taken to social media to quell the fears of his fans who have read reports on the potential plot of The Incredibles 2.

Let's all just rest easy and trust that Bird knows what he's doing. With films like The Iron Giant, Ratatouille, and now Tomorrowland under his belt, I have no doubt that this will be one sequel that stands up the the hype.

Tomorrowland will be in theaters starting May 22.



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