ByMatthew Banks, writer at

After age of ultron hit theaters and captain America civil war on the way marvel has been looking for which actor play Spiderman when an interview with Logan lerman ask he was up for role as Logan responds well I love to play Spiderman and I'm always up to it, marvel has thinking and actor needed to be cast as actors such as Dylan O'Brien fans has been wondering why's he not playing Spiderman as seen on tv o'brien has sed he will not play Spiderman fans been wondering it will Logan lerman to play the iconic role as the web webslinger.

As fans are still over excited that their favorite webslinger has come home back to marvel to join forces with his fellow avengers allies it seems the one to play might seem to be Percy Jackson star Logan lerman.

Do you think Logan lerman is up for the role or do you think someone else should be cast share your response down below and subscribe.


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