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It's gotten to the point where, if you don't watch Game of Thrones I'm honestly not sure I can be your friend. It means we kind of have nothing in common, pretty much. It's essentially become a cinematic experience, and each week it feels like we get a film rather than merely a TV episode. It's expertly crafted and so well done that my mind is blown each and every week without fail.

*Some spoilers from the most recent episode here*

The Stone Men and the fictional disease that they have seems thoroughly terrifying. Stannis' daughter Shireen (who is adorable and bad-ass) managed to withstand the disease spreading to her whole body, which she had as a baby. Now, according to the end of the last episode, it appears Jorah is somewhat infected... it kind of reminds me of a The Walking Dead type situation. It's awesome. Although, one of my favorite characters, Tyrion Lannister, is probably in immense danger right now and he has no idea.

The ambush by the stone men who were quite clearly FULLY infected was one of the best action sequences from this season. We got a look at them in the dark, but they look even more intense in the light. Also, the amount of work that went into their makeup is no joke. It took FOUR HOURS to transform these men into stone men.

Here they are in the dark

This is what they look like when it's bright out!

I am not 'bout that life

They blend in with rocks like it's no big deal

Just doing the head and neck takes four hours. This show loves nudity, but if we ever see any nude stone people, I truly feel for the make-up artist. That sounds like a lot of work.

Here's a stunt man getting ready for his role as a stone man

This is a full hour later...

And 20 more minutes go by... some solid progress...

This is an hour and a half later

Finally, after a full four hours, he's a full blown stone man

They add even more details to this creepy look

Stuntman Calvin Heasman compares the process to wearing a wetsuit, but on your face.

He said it's simply not that comfortable...

Here's what he had to say about it. Short, but sweet.

"Quite uncomfortable, not gonna lie."

Here's the whole Stone Men explanatory HBO special.

(Via: Business Insider)


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