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I am an unconditional fan of animation and I always have ideas in mind or stories. So, I told myself that one day I would direct an animated movie, the kind I like! Darker and psychologically inspired movies like Ghost in the Shell but in the style of the Batman universe.

But... for now it is only at the stage of being my fun fan art, but perhaps one day I will direct your favorite animated flick!

In the "City of the Damned," Bruce Wayne is a rich psychopath creating monsters to justify his role as guardian of the city. He will deliberately destroy the Arkham prison so that he can let the maniacs run free and hunt them down for his own personal game.

Bruce Wayne



The Joker


Harley Quinn



The Riddler

Poison Ivy



The Joker was the most complicated character ! I made this first illustration, and then I have changed his look ... the goal was to be different not like the regular or the movies Joker ...that's just my vision.

I will edit this post and put new characters like Robin, and many more.

You can also find others works and stories on Behance and Facebook, thanks!


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