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From Not Going Out to Doctor Who. Lee Mack really wants to cameo alongside Peter Capaldi in Doctor Who.

You may not know it but Lee Mack is a dedicated Whovian and loves the show. Lee sat down for 4 weeks and watched every episode of New Who back to back, from Eccleston to Capaldi. Lee claims that his favorite Doctor is Peter Capaldi. Lee was disappointed that Peter Capaldi wasn't on the Red Carpet. Lee Mack was using the BAFTAs to make sure that his dream and ambition would be heard by others.

"I'm desperate to get a part in Doctor Who. I really am. I'm using tonight as a shameless way to get into Doctor Who,It would be literally the only time my children would be impressed by anything I've done in life." - Lee Mack at the BAFTAs

Since 1963 numerous comedians have starred alongside the Doctor in the show. Such as;

  • Peter Butterworth
  • Peter Kay
  • Simon Pegg - (Shaun of the Dead)
  • John Cleese - (Fawlty Towers)
  • Catherine Tate
  • Frank Skinner
  • And not forgetting Lee Evans who played Malcom.

And many more.

"We've literally sat down and watched every episode back-to-back, from Christopher Eccleston to Peter Capaldi. Just finished, hence this look of tiredness. Back to back for the last four weeks." - Lee Mack at the BAFTAs

Is it time someone like Lee Mack to step into Doctor Who?

Lee Mack has said that he is about to work on a Not Going Out Christmas Special and that there maybe a new Series soon.


Is Lee Mack a good choice?


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