ByLavantae Marquise-Derricks Cartwright, writer at
Lavantae Marquise-Derricks Cartwright

So if you haven't read this series then you must live under a rock. Danielle Paige has created this amazing fucked up world and I would love to see this in a movie or a show. So either Lionsgate, Netflix or HBO need to pick this up.

Paige has taken the wonderful world of oz and made it this dark twisted place where the good are wicked and the wicked are good. Where Dorothy has lost her innocence and is a raging bratty bitch. Where Glinda The Good can't be trusted and has a sick sense of power. And just forget about The Lion, The Tinman and The Scarecrow.. They will haunt your dreams. This book is a must read and needs to be made into a live action.

PS. If you haven't read the book I suggest you stop reading now. I don't want to crush your imagination.

Amy Gumm: Emily Browning

Dorothy Gale: Jennifer Lawrence

Ozma: Elizabeth Olsen

Glenda/Glamora: Kristin Bauer

Nox: Taron Egerton

Scarecrow: Evan Peters

The Lion: Tom Hardy

The Tin Woodsman: Theo James

Pete: Luke Grimes

Jellia Jabb: Emmy Rossum

Mombi- Shailene Woodley


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