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I love people, stories, creativity and fighting for the underdog! Woof!

Hello everyone!

If you love people, films, the arts please check out my page.

Here is our project Star Wars Smuggler's Run Special Edition.

Hope you are having a great day! If you are not... I hope I can help improve your day a little.

Thanks for taking a few moments out of your busy lives to read a few words from me.

I am Oliver Thompson, filmmaker, artist, traveller and lover of sci-fi, fantasy films, comedies and great character stories.

I would like to share some more of my projects with you.

My buddies and I have made a number of short films and several Star Wars fan films too. They include the comedy shorts Sweet Cheeks, The Dark Lord Auditions, serious near future post apocalyptic drama The Dark Age. Our fan films are called Star Wars Smuggler's Run Special Edition and Star Wars Beyond The Dune Sea.

Star Wars Beyond The Dune Sea


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