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Ever since Marvel and Sony started sharing the rights to beloved character Spiderman, there has been speculation of which actor would be the next to take on this popular role. Spiderman, as you know, was played by actors Tobey Maguire in the original 2000's Spiderman series, and was played by Andrew Garfield again in the more recent Amazing Spiderman series. Fans have speculated the new spiderman to have his (or her? but least likely) first appearance in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movie, since Spiderman plays a crucial role in the storyline of the comics.

However, it is confirmed that the current actor for Spiderman, Andrew Garfield, will not be playing Spiderman after the end of the Amazing Spiderman series. This led for fans to speculate for which actor would be the next Spiderman. According to reports, Marvel and Sony have zoned into aiming for a younger actor, and have narrowed their choices, one of them being 18 year old star of Ender's Game, Asa Butterfield.

With the aim towards a younger actor, Marvel would be able to show a younger perspective into Peter Parker's life, to when he was an awkward high school student. The company, then, would be able to explore different psychological perspectives into young Peter's life, and would be able to create a more elaborate backstory for the character. (Which would most likely involve poor uncle Ben dying again)

However, if Marvel and Sony do decide to go with a younger Spiderman in their new series, they would have to bend the story line of the comics to make it fit the age of Peter Parker. Also, it Spiderman was planned to be introduced in the Civil War movie, they would have to bend the role of Spiderman in the Civil War in order to fit his age.


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