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Good day people of earth 616

Just here to ad my theory of how infinity war part 1 and 2

1st after all the craziness we seen in guardians of the galaxy and the avengers age of ultron it's gona be a crazy phase 3 building up with 2 more stones left in play and the mysterious gauntlet that Odin has locked up.

Lets not put you to sleep with long into's and get right to it.

Starting off with civil war ...after all that commotion with the cap and stark I feel as if people will go off to their separate missions and so on and vision will find himself with doctor strange and his possibly love Scarlett witch and who knows doctor strange might even have a stone himself keep the story going and we might even see strange and vision go off into space and doing infinity stone business.

Now what Adam warlock wakes from his sleep in guardians of the galaxy and has a stone and signals the stone with the vision and set there paths together and to earth and the gauntlet . if you look at some pics of Adam he too has a stone in his forehead that could be a stone and we have a epic plot for guardians of the galaxy 2 ...

And the guardians could be dealing with more problems and we all fell that thanos will be involved in there.

Thor 3 might just be Thor flying off trying to see what is going on with the stones and him fighting some clone of his and stuff and probably he gona find out something huge and him going back to earth to help save the universe with the avengers help

And there will be fighting with thanos cause we all know he needs vision to complete the gauntlet and yeah ..

And for all the guys who just like seeing a hot babe I think miss marvel will have a stone and come to earth to help out with the thanos situation.

The end

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