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Boba Fett is getting a movie. It was inevitable. You can read my opinion of who should be the director. But how about the story? How should this movie work, in a way that will appeal to hardcore fans and to people who only know Boba Fett as the guy who trapped Han in stone?

Well they are two ways to go about this. The first being to make a sequel. On Screen Junkies show Movie Fights, they discussed what would be an epic Boba Fett movie. There was one problem with the ideas. They were all sequels.

Now you may be saying, what's wrong with making a sequel? The answer is nothing! Being a Hardcore Star Wars fan, I'd love to see Boba Fett trying to find the way to stop his aging and meeting up with his long lost daughter and unknown granddaughter(both of whom are badasses). There's only one problem. We don't know what episodes 7 8 and 9 will keep from the EU. We know that they will keep some ideas and reuse them(like the bad batch clones, who were solar to the Nulls), but we don't know what they will keep. Heck, we don't even know If Boba survived the Sarlacc(although he better have) like in the EU. So for now, let's not have a sequel.

So the second option we have is an origin story. In the Clone Wars, we had Boba fett teaming up with the likes of Aaru Sing and Bossk to tackle hard jobs and become as infamous as his father.

Even though his first mask is stupid.

However, what really happened after he left them and started going solo to go after Solo?

Well there was a series of Boba Fett books that were so small that they were basically kids books. However, in my love for the character I had to swallow my pride and buy them. In them, it shows how Boba Fett first got into working for Jabba the Hutt, how he lost his father's money and ship, and really how he made himself known as a bounty hunter. However, Boba had one love in his life, and after that person died, Boba swore to get the killer, and everything he does leads up to that.

But living on Kamino, who could it have been? Not one of those creepy giraffe people right? No.

It was his father.

Boba is doing everything he can to hunt down and kill Mace Windu, the man who murdered his father right in front of him. Boba goes so far down the rabbit hole that he uncovers that Sidious resides on coruscant, and Palpantine pays him off to tell no one. Its like Tarantino meets Cowboy Beebop, directed by Joss Wheedon

But why is this better than an origin story?Well the first Anthology movie focuses on the pilots who stole the death star plans; elaborating on a few lines from the original trilogy. Boba Fett is this epic character who, like Rogue One, hasn't been elaborated upon except in the now defunct EU. And there are so many questions that movie could answer from watching his father's death to his own demise(?) on Tattooine. Why did he change the color of his father's armor? How did he start working for the head of a criminal organization? Why did Vader tell him in episode 5, "No disintegrations?" It's a movie that anyone would go see, and that's why it's the best idea for a Boba Fett Story.


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