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Have you ever been stuck in a socially awkward moment? Or have you witnessed someone crash and burn instantly? Like, right in front of you? I went to a comedy club once and watched one comedian tell joke after joke, and nobody laughed. The atmosphere was so strange and uncomfortable. It made me cringe at first, but then I started to laugh. I felt bad for the guy on stage, but at the same time I thought it was so funny no one was laughing at his jokes. It reminded me of this scene in the TV show Louie. Where Louie C.K goes to perform at this benefit, and only one person is laughing and it's at him.

In movies it's hard to pull that off. That genuine feeling of awkwardness you get in person. But when they get it right, I can't stop laughing. And I'm not talking about gross out humor. I'm talking about actual events that can happen in real life that stay with you, that stick in your mind, and you think about it all day. I can only think of a few movies, one that came out very recently, that have those moments. You can probably classify these films as dark comedies. So let me tell you about them....

World's Greatest Dad

Starring Robin Williams and Directed by Bobcat Goldthwait, World's Greatest Dad is an uncomfortable comedy about a teacher who is trying to deal with his awful son, his cheating girlfriend, and his crappy job. And then one day, he takes credit for something he shouldn't have, and becomes the center of attention.

This is one of Robin Williams best performances. He's presented as a very relatable person, but towards the end you have to decide whether or not he's a good person or not. Check out the opening below.

The film is dark, deranged, and full of those awkward moments that can give anyone goosebumps.

The D Train

I personally liked D-Money
I personally liked D-Money

As you can see from the poster this came out not that long ago. Jack Black is the head of his high school reunion committee, and in hopes of getting people to come he has an idea to bring the most popular kid, James Marsden, to the reunion party. Of course there is a weird turn in the movie that plays throughout the rest of the film.

At first the movie plays out like a straight forward comedy. Nothing crazy or spectacular. But when Jack Black flies out to LA to get James Marsden, things get a little crazy. And in a lesser movie, that thing that occurred, would have been forgotten about or played off as a novelty. As much as I want to tell you what'll just have to see it for yourself!

But before you go into it I do have to warn you. You are not supposed to like the main character. You'll probably enjoy the movie a lot more. So sit back and try to relax, because it's going to be a bumpy ride.

The D Train is out in select theaters now!

Do you like the dark comedy genre? Tell me in the poll! And I want to know what kind of dark comedies you like in the comment section below! Thanks For Reading!


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