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If you are a fan of Once Upon a Time, you become accustomed to keeping an eagle eye out for Disney Easter Eggs throughout the episodes. Whether it's one of the 7 dwarves whistling "Heigh-ho" in the our world, or Snow White getting a pear for her desk instead of an apple (being a teacher, they normally get apples and she got a pear... get it?) to Mr. Gold having a Mickey Mouse phone and stuffed animal in his shop. Being owned by ABC and thus owned by Disney, it's not really that big of a surprise.

However, last night might have been the best nod and detailed Easter Egg yet.

In the show, there is a book, which chronicles everything that happens in the Enchanted Forest, and there have been a number of authors for it. While we have only met Isaac, the show last night gave us an answer to one that came right before him.

We rarely see the location anymore, it is kind of a given as it's easy to spot the difference between worlds these days, however I can't remember ever seeing a year specified. The tvs, the clothing and the hair all coincide with the time period, which is a lot of attention to detail for a three minute blurb at the beginning of the episode.

Isaac, the author, is summoned to the man who controls the stories. He says that he is to take over the task, as the previous author had died recently

This by itself isn't a big deal.

The inside Easter Egg is that Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966. Meaning that the reason Walt Disney knew all the stories he had shared with the world was because he had been witness to it and writing it down.

I have noticed and loved a lot of their Easter eggs, but this much attention to detail is incredible for one small wink to the audience, that a lot of viewers wouldn't get.

Bravo Once Upon a Time writers. You have done Walt proud, I am sure, with your work


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