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James Strecker

Last week, the official teaser trailer for Batman v Superman arrived on the interwebs for all to enjoy. It sparked an idea in our geeky little heads to create an animated version.

Little did we know, it would gain the most traction we have ever seen from any of our videos!

Never before had any of our videos truly "gone viral," but this seems to be the first exception. Obviously there are enough Batman and Superman (and Bruce Timm) fans out there to generate the amount of hype we have received from this video!

Over 30 reputable news sources have picked up the story and several have even mentioned us by name. The recognition is outstanding and we couldn't be happier about it.

The video took about a week to make for artist James Strecker and composer Adam Mullen ( Strecker has been a fan of the Bruce Timm DC Animated Universe since he learned to walk, and has been drawing in that distinctive style just as long.

To be honest, we made the video just to see it exist for our own enjoyment. Our videos often never circulate much past our friends and family, and we are lucky if we get several hundred views and even one or two comments.

But this? Well, just check it out:

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