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Since I was a child, I loved the Spy genre. The suave way the Bond's and Bourne's of the world got their girls every time and defeated the bad guys, all while wearing a cool suit and looking awesome, I wanted to be them. Nowadays, Bourne is gone, 24 has finished, Homeland is... not what it used to be, and James Bond is getting a little serious and gritty. Where are the guys who used to be around, the ones who had fun and made witty remarks while saving the world? Well, Kingsman: The Secret Service rekindled it all for me. Going to see it, I expected to see a good performance by Colin Firth made less impressive by the annoying hanger on, but in truth, Taron Egerton as Gary "Eggsy" Unwin was equally as impressive as Firth. By the end of the film he had become an expert spy, saving the world while having all the fun that Sean Connery would have as James Bond.

I asked myself coming out of that film "How come I've never seen that guy in anything else?" The simple answer, he hasn't really been in anything else. Until Kingsman, he had only had a supporting role in last year's "Testament of Youth". Now, I see he is set to star in "Legend" later this year with Tom Hardy and Christopher Eccleston, and then is the starring role in "Eddie the Eagle" alongside legends like Hugh Jackman and Christopher Walken.

As if that isn't enough, rumours on the "dark side" of the internet have put him as the front runner to play Han Solo in a Star Wars spin-off film following the early years of the character. This would make him an official A-list actor for the rest of his life, starring in a Star Wars film as a character that legendary will solidify your place in Hollywood history, and so I proclaim Taron Egerton the rising star of 2015.


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