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First off

Shout out to iZombie for being one of those early surprises this tv season. Awesome cast, plot, story telling and character development and also very humorous.

Lets start off with the How this cross over could actually work.


Well Arrow isn't that far off the path of the supernatural, this season the Lazarus Pit being featured it was even suggested recently that before Constantine was cancelled that Oliver would visit John because he was an expert in the Pit. So why would Oliver need Liv's zombie/ detective skills you might ask?

Side Note: Stephen Amell confirmed the possibility of crossing over with all the other DC shows


Oliver Queen after defeating Ras Al Ghul does recon after the Starling City Plague took its victims. He happens to look under some rubble and sees a hand sticking out of the rubble looking dead for centuries all pale like. Turns out the Alpha and Omega Virus awakened an awfully familiar yet forgotten foe on the show who was killed off in Season 2.



Now Oliver could employ the help from Felicity's former college friend(easy way to introduce the relationship) Liv Moore. Liv at first hesitant notices how evolved Grundy is from the average Zombie in her neighborhood of Seattle. She needs to know what turned him into a huge monster like this so she accepts Oliver's offer on stopping him and maybe even experimenting on him. The episode ends with Liv going full on zombie mode on Grundy and him fleeing into a near by swamp for later crossovers.


These episodes should be every season around Halloween since that's around the time that Arrow and the Flash come back after their summer breaks. This could expand the whole CW verse of superheroes and maybe even adapt some new story lines maybe have Liv travel with the Legends of Tomorrow cast to the future with zombies running everywhere in an alternate future or Cisco meets Dr. Ravi somehow at a nerd convention. Connecting these shows would be quite the entertaining 42 minutes of our time.

What do you think?!

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