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Well, It took me a week and a day, but I have finally seen the Age of Ultron. Now there have been mixed reviews on this film, there are the ones who loved the hell out of this movie, which you can put me in this category, and there are those that felt it was rushed and overwhelming with action and destruction and underwhelming with a familiar plot and lackluster villain.... and you can put in this category as well. Some of those things I will touch on in this quick review. Based on me knowing that there is over an hour of this movie missing, I will have to review this based on the theatrical version. I will have a few spoilers, but I will give a clear warning when it comes.

Let me start off by saying these guys really can make a superhero movie. They are slickly polish, the graphics are spectacular, and they cast very well for the superhero roles. Since the success of the first Avengers, the bar was set really high. In this closing movie of phase 2, Age of Ultron gave us a great action movie that surpassed the action of the original. Chemistry was a lot stronger among the Avengers cast as well, it can be clearly seen in their talk show appearances together. In this movie, a mission led Tony to a dangerous path that ultimately resulted in the creation of Ultron. From this point forward, the Avengers were against the ropes until the end.

What I liked

There were very good performances and cheeky humor. Unless you were born under a rock, I'm sure you have seen the hammer scene. That was one of my favorite scenes, it was hilarious as well as important.

The Avengers teamwork was stellar! The way they combined their strengths together will be something fan boys everywhere will enjoy.

Ultron was entertaining and was very funny at times. I wanted more Ultron every time he left the screen. He was a complete psychopath and he had some of the best lines.

Vision was probably my favorite takeaway from the entire film.


Vision was not suppose to exist, Vision was Ultron's new body he was going to enter. When the Avengers foils his plan, Tony attempted to use the body to make a morally competent being, the team disagreed and clashed. Thor ended it all by resurrecting the body himself. The movie took a different welcomed turn from there. With a quick assessment of his existence and Ultron intentions, he added a newer form of philosophy that was far different than any Avenger. And with the most awesome moment in MCU history, except for the Avengers first forming the team, Vision handed Thor his hammer and said "We have work to do." ............. (I had nothing) Neither did the Avengers. Great scene!

Hawkeye was particularly good and essentially stole the movie. He was redeemed in this sequel and he was as funny as hell!

Hulk vs Hulkbuster... Go to sleep, Got to sleep, Go to sleep. Nuff said

There were sensational parallels between good and evil that actually shared a lot of similarities. Comic book storytelling 101.

What I didn't like

Now I thought that events in the movie were a bit rushed and the movie may or may not have suffered because of it. It wasn't overly sloppy, but things that happened had less weight because they moved on too quickly.


After the Captain America The Winter Soldier, post credits gave us Baron Von Strucker along with twins, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. The clip gave me the assumption that Strucker would have a larger role in the Avenger Age of Ultron.... NOPE! He was eliminated like he was an extra. Plus, they missed a golden opportunity to show Ultron his homicidal side.


Speaking of which, I did enjoy him, however, I think he may have been too jokey and I thought we should have got to meet him in his programmed form before he was officially born. I think to see him before he became compromised was important. Not having Ultron defeat every last Avenger single highhandedly was disappointing. I think having the peacemaking invention actually tossing them aside like yesterday's garbage would have been jolting to viewers. A real missed opportunity there. I believe they are saving their defeat for Thanos in Infinity War.

Ultimately, this was an enjoyable film, but could have been way better, believe it or not. I will give this a 4 out of 5. I will look forward to the uncut version that will certainly fill in the holes.


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