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The summer movie season kicked off with the biggest bang. Marvel fans bought their tickets in advance and could barely contain their excitement as the long wait for the Avengers sequel finally came to an end. Even though I am hardly what anyone would call an avid comic book reader or even a Marvel fan, I couldn’t pass up the beginning of the blockbuster action fun.

Avengers: Age of Ultron got its good share of cheers and laughs in theaters. Fans loved all of Thor’s hammer jokes, the Ironman versus Hulk fighting sequence and the awesome new characters many speculated would show up. The movie has currently boast $875.2 million worldwide yet I couldn’t help notice the rating is not as high as the first installment. While 2012 film scored a 92% in Rotten Tomatoes, Age of Ultron is rated at 74%.

There are many good things to say about Age of Ultron, just like there are many things that irked the viewers as well. Personally, even though I enjoyed the experience, I couldn’t make my mind up whether the movie was actually good or just ‘good for what it is’. In order to clear the confusion, I made my own pros and cons list:

Starting off with the positive, there are plenty of things I enjoyed about this film amongst them the clever humor and the introduction of new characters. While some weren’t fascinated with Ultron, I found him to be a compelling villain with an extreme approach to his main mission: peace on Earth. Check out the video to hear my five favorite things about the movie.

My thoughts on Age of Ultron are not just limited to the fun part. There were more than a few subplots and themes I wasn’t feeling. To check out my cons, click here for my video of the worst 5 things about it.

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