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Lego Dimensions is an upcoming video game by Telltale Games and Warner Bros., it follows the popular formula of using toys or figures to play the game, a gimmick that makes competitors Skylanders and Disney Infinity so popular. When the game was announced, many fans were worried that Lego wouldn't be able to mix and match a majority of our favorite franchises together, due to legal reasons. But today, Lego has revealed two Lego level and character packs that are sure to make to internet gasp at their inclusion.

You'll be able to purchase Doctor Who and Portal 2 Lego packs for the game!


These packs are joining the previously announced packs, like Back to the Future and The Simpsons. Check out the gallery below to see some of the cool level packs coming to this game.

Jurassic World and Scooby Doo

Back to the Future and The Simpsons

As well as the fun packs, which include an assortment of characters from different Lego worlds:

Are you excited for this game? What franchises do you want to see in Lego Dimensions?


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