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Welcome to the sixth update of all things happening in the Moviepilot Community. From having phone interviews with the stars to watching early screenings of films, we're always looking to get you the coolest opportunities to get you closer to Hollywood. Here's a listing of what we've hooked you up with last week!

We had Andrew Marco go up against Tony Jaa destroying pinatas! You could meet celebrities too!

Tony Jaa is as awesome in person as he is on camera!

We sent Matthew Bailey a copy of The Gambler!

Follow Matthew's existential journey through the 6 conversations that tied the film together, and find out if the gamble paid off here!

David Charles got hooked up with a screening link for The D Train and a DVD copy of Kung Fu Killers!

You can read his thoughts on The D Train here and...

What the recipe is for a good action film here!

Tom Perkins got an early screening for Preggoland.

Here are Tom's top 5 reasons you should see this film.

Mike Larson went to an early screening of Maggie.

Want to read about the most dramatic male meltdowns? Check out Mike's article.

Matt Timmy Creamer received a DVD of Tracers!

Interested in Parkour? Read about it in Matt's article here!

These Creators received swag and so can you!

Christina Lin received Yoda Fabrikations Plush.

Dalton Tevlin received the Joker!

Amy Martin received a Freddie Kruger Funko Pop!

Join our amazing community and you might just be the next creator we fly out to sunny Los Angeles!


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