ByUmair Mojaddidi, writer at

Keanu Reeves makes a return to action on the big screen as John Wick. Heavily stylish, thrilling and slick gunslinging action; John Wick served exactly what it promised, an action thriller fused with unforced acting and basic plot. John Wick delivers an artistic vibe that’s deadly and delicate.

The film begins as John grieves over the passing of his spouse which replicates the “Sad Keanu” meme that was circulating the internet for some time. Our protagonist is seen taking in a puppy that was delivered to him from his wife so John can endure the pain and find something to love whilst he heals. Running into some Russian Gangsters at a Petrol station, after John Wick lets them know his Car isn’t for Sale at any price in their native language following heavy interest from the leading Thug (Played by Game of Thrones star Alfie Allen). The Russian gangster took offense to John and later raids his house only to steal his Car and kill his puppy before leaving him beaten on the floor. The following morning, John Wick has had enough and one phone call lets everyone know a monster is unleashed.

The story and performance is foreseeable but they’re implemented in great style. Keeping you hooked every minute by making you support John and his hunt to seek revenge. We discover intense Gun-fu action depicted under a stray of flashy and sleek settings that delivers a solid performance by Keanu and great credit goes towards the stunt coordinator.

Other than its sensational high paced action, John Wick delivers a unique criminal underworld that’s set within the public eye. An ideology that only a group of people follow, John Wick happened to be one of them. An industry full of killers and cleaners, it’s a world that’s completely different to ours and follows certain codes and ethics which is a shame that some aren’t explained. For example the use of Gold Coins that run the economy of this world still lies a mystery. I would be happy to see a production that follows more deeply into this world, perhaps a spin off series that covers the life of another contract killer.

A brilliant, action fuelled revenge thriller. John Wick is a film to be remembered and deserves more lime-light than it already has.


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