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I wrote a story for a class earlier, my friends thought I should post it, so, here it is.

The men cried to the gods as the ship rocked about the monster's massive form. What it was, we knew not. Its cries were that of the devil, its monstrous form a fear no mortal had lived to tell the tale, but here we were, in its clutches. The last 15 men and I were thrown into the sea as its huge side slammed against the port rail. The port side was obliterated with a sickening crunch. Our faithful ship, The Telemachus, was gone, lost to the cold, crushing oblivion of Poseidon's watery kingdom. The mast sank into the crushing waves, the billowing sheets swallowed by the gnashing rocks. With a tearing scream from the last splinter of wood, our ship fell to the bottom of the ocean, leaving us with no protection from the monster. It made us aware of it by throwing its massive reptilian head out of the water and spewing flame from its belly. The night air around the fire exploded with a deafening roar. It was clear that this was no ordinary monster, but a creation of the gods, to extinguish my company from the face of the earth.

The men scrambled to the shore frantically, in an effort to save only themselves.

The beast shrieked and ripped one of the men, Eusapheorus, from the water. His hand sailing upward with Eusapheorus within its clutches. He let the man free and he was launched hundreds of feet into the open sky. The man’s cries echoed from the silvery shore. He fell quickly towards the water once again. Then, the monster threw its gargantuan green head out of the water and swallowed the man with ease. With this act of a coward, my anger swelled in my belly like a fiery plume, wishing to burst out of my lungs with a great shout. “Ye fool, ye damned beast, come and face your master, come and accept the challenge I give you. You great lump of a beast, lazy and fat, feasting on the weak! Come and meet your maker you bastard, you bloody ape! For, it will be I, Odysseus, son of Laertes, Odysseus, the downfall of Troy, Odysseus, the destroyer of giants, Odysseus, a mere mortal, but a god in the eyes of men, it will be I, who brings your rightful fate upon you! Come to me, you sick, infernal beast, come and see what little you really are!”

With that, the beast rose to its full height and made a noise, not a laugh but merely a rumble in his deep gut. He threw his head back and blew a great crown of smoke and fire into the black sky so he could see his foe. His eyes, burned with a hatred. I knew this creature, he was no naturally born sea monster before this, but a cyclops. His fiery glare under his brow, his body reborn as a dangerous beast, made to feast on which his half-life had not given him to feed on. This was Polyphemus, reborn by the ashes of Hades’ lair. He had been hunting for me since his I had taken his sight.

He bore down on me like a lion to its weakened prey. He flashed a bloody, grin, in which I could see my man’s helmet fall from its mouth. The helmet so small it would not be even a crown for a tooth.The helmet hit the water and started sinking. I dove from the surface to retrieve the helmet. I could feel the monster thrashing about, trying to find me. I grabbed the helmet and shoved it onto my head, the beast’s saliva tangling itself with my hair. I drew my sword and pushed off the shallow bottom, straight toward the beast’s underside. Before I had met the surface I drove the blade into the monster’s thigh. Blood immediately surrounding me, the monster reached down and ripped my tunic from my body. His roar filled the night air, stopping everything. He sat down, thinking he had killed me, but it would take more than this to kill me. I quickly used the sword and a dagger to pull my naked self up his thick back . He had two eyes this time, but would not soon.

When I reached his head, I ran to the front of his skull. I looked down to observe what I could do to maim this beast. I jumped onto the bridge of his snout and then turned, and leaped straight into his right eye, dagger first. I used both blades to burrow into his eyeball. He screamed and smashed his hand onto the side of his head. It took me little more than a minute to reach his brain. Then, I drove both blades as deep as I could into the fleshy lobe. Blood spouted from the crevices around the shanks, bathing me in thick, warm blood. Then, like a sign from Zeus himself, lightning blazed across the sky, illuminating everything. One bolt struck the sword and the dagger, melting them to his brain. The lightning blew out a crater so deep in his skull's fortune, that not even Zeus himself could bring the monster back to life. The separation of the majority of his brain from the rest of his body sent him crashing down to the depths of the sea, shrieking and twitching as he landed.

I jumped out of his eye socket as he fell, crashing into the water as I shot to the cold sea’s edge. I slowly startled my way to the silent shore and rose from the foam of the waves, standing in my brilliance. Like a God I was, waterlogged and doused in crusted blood. The six men I had left bowed to me as I walked to them. This island was plentiful and large, but with only six men left, I had to be more cautious than before. The beast was dead, but the men were weak, and there was still a long, dark night ahead of us, to make it, they would need more than just my heroics.


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