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Nightcrawler is a nail biting Crime Thriller set during the night under a modern Los Angelos. Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, a confident and propelled young man anxious for work that happens to hook himself into Nightcrawling.

‘Nightcrawler’ is the term used for Cameramen who spend all nights in search for exhillerating crime scenes to film. Lou Bloom gets sucked into the realm of Nightcrawling as he begins to drown further into the depth of his own demise.

The creepy and slender Lou Bloom with his partner Rick (Played by Riz Ahmed) drives in L.A under the moon hoping to film crimes that are worth selling to News Stations. Being an ambitious and twisted person, Lou puts himself before anyone in hopes to find a career as the owner of a Video production company.

Lou Bloom’s character brings a Travis Bickle (Played by Robert De Nero) presence from Taxi Driver. A role that is unique in its own fashion that illustrates an act of reality of what L.A looks like in 2010s; similar to Paul Schrader’s Taxi Driver which was set in the 70s, it shows you exactly what New York was like at the time. Capturing reality at its best.

Bloom’s character is manipulative, he fools an unemployed man (Rick) into becoming his subordinate and repeats his best trait on a News Director (Rene Russo) in order to get into the TV Media scene. Rick’s character is an inexperienced working class young man desperate to find a job and would do anything to secure one whilst Nina is a hard working Executive looking to reach success but is vulnerable. Both fall under Lou’s preying list.

The nail biting and edge of the seat moments are consistent in Nightcrawler, with Lou Bloom becoming a character you love and connect to from the start of the film. Director and writer Dan Gilroy has created a film that’s maintained its genre of field keeping you hooked throughout the film before giving you the final blow.

Jake Gyllenhaal as Lou Bloom was sensational, when you connect with a character who’s twisted in many ways and wish to support him in meeting his goals; it’s easy to say that Jake Gyllenhaal’s performance was played to perfection, making it a joy to watch.

The modern Patrick Bateman, a film that reinvents the psychotic character we all love. Nightcrawler is a must see film, even for you folks who have no interest in this genre. It's a film that will appeal universally, so check it out.


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