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Jim Stark: "You're tearing me apart!"

Jim's Mother: "What?"

Jim Stark: "You say one thing, he says another, and everybody changes back again".

The story is about a teenager who leaves his old home town to start a new continues to rebel against the rules and conformities while falling in love with someone unlike him.

Since I'm a movie reviewer and in my past reviews I reviewed old classic movies just to add it to the watch collection. But I just notice that I never see Rebel Without a Cause or any of James Dean's movies and this is my first movie I've seen him in and a great one to start on.

Now James Dean at the time was a rising star with the couple of movies that he was in, everybody sawed a bright future in him and even I sawed that while watching this movie, but sadly James Dean died in a vehicle accident back in 1955 meaning that this and the movie Giant was his last role. Before seeing the movie I've heard nothing but amazing things about James Dean of how he could have been the next Marlon Brando and now his known as a icon to actors out there and how every actor said out loud that they wanted to be like him. Now after seeing the movie the only thing I can say is oh my god this was a true tragically that this guy is dead I mean gone too soon because his acting in this movie is some of the best I've seen since Marlon Brando. What makes it more tragic is that he could have been in more movie roles that was even more amazing or just off the walls brilliant, now thinking about that makes me kind of sad. I can't wait to watch his other movies but for now rest in peace James you were one of a guy.

The directing from Nicholas Ray was truly brilliant and this is the first film I've seen from this Nicholas and just like what I said about James Dean, I can't wait to check out Nicholas Ray other movies because he directed the hell out of this movie and effort was shown pretty well.

The chemistry between Dean's character and everyone else (Besides the bullies) I bough into just be the first word of "Hi" because the writing may come off cheesy and a bit dated but let's not forget this is set and filmed in the 50's so yeah you can't really fault the movie for that, it's like criticizing a 1920's for being too black and white. But anywhere I thought the writing was pretty cute at times and I won't I repeated some of the lines in my head.

For problems with the movie I don't really have any to be honest. The acting, the directing and the character's was so good that I watch the movie trying to find problems but couldn't find any may be it's because it's James Dean, I don't know about that guy but these something about him that I have a bit of man crush on him, nothing sexual here it's just a thing called bromance.

Overall Rebel Without a Cause is a true 50's classic movie with excellent performances and great directing by Nicholas Ray.


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