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In the face of King Kong references, comedy sparked in the Jurassic Park parallels that like its dinosaurs, took a Mighty Joe Young situation, and made it threatening.

In short, Grodd the Gorilla, was both comical and terrifying, with these comparisons in mind.

Last Week’s episode of The Flash was perplexing in its distractive properties so close to a season close, but answering some of the main questions we’d been waiting for. Like Everyman, will Grodd, and his King Kong style landscape scaling, play a bigger role in episodes to come?

Mildly disappointed he wasn’t a precursor to A.I, a metahuman Gorilla maintained the focus last week; even if he was a part of Pseudo-Wells’ plans to distract the team.

With focus subtly imbued throughout, I can only wonder if Eddie’s abduction is more pivotal than this episode downplayed it to be.

Surprising, was Iris’ reaction to Barry’s secret, albeit a necessary juxtaposition to her alternate timeline.

Whilst disappointing, the tension between the two has room to brew before a resolution is reached, one way or the other. With everything that’s going on, a lack of tension between the two wouldn’t serve the show’s essence in any way.

Put to the side, was Eddie’s rescue mission; though it is seemingly a ploy to hint at a turn of his good nature. The abandonment of his character actually felt dismissive in the effort to develop his character. Whilst Eddie got some screen-time, a rescue was avoided so as not to distract us; because his biology literally saves him from mortal endangerment.

In this twisty, timey, wimey, nature of the show it seems Eddie is due to either replace or, aid his descendant in the manipulation of timelines. I’m hopeful that the foresight of his doomed career, is incentive enough to ultimately prevail in the face of evil, and not seek vengeance for everything Barry threatens to take from him. That also includes not giving up on Iris.

Though end game, the union of Barry and Iris seems too premature for the first season.

Amongst the comedic elements of the show, is Eddie the one that is truly doomed?

Can Eddie overcome his demons, or is his doom set inside a grandfather paradox in which Pseudo-Wells always has the upper hand?

Yet to be answered:

What will happen to Cisco?

Does Wells have another ‘explosion’ planned?

And will Killer Frost actually make an appearance?

Tomorrow’s new episode welcomes another team up of rogues and vigilantes, that hopefully lends itself to an Arrow crossover of reviving the real Harrison Wells.

Disappointment is surely avoided in another chance to revel in my Prison Break nostalgia once more.

Rogue Air, airs May 12th at 8pm on CW!


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