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With the official synopsis for Jessica Jones being released, it got me wondering, just when will we get our Iron Fist? We already have the rest of our Netflix heroes cast while Daredevil has already premiered, so it can't be long until we get our Danny Rand. The big question, though, is who will play him?? I have a few people in mind that I'd quite like to be K'un-L'un Warrior in the new Netflix series.

Who is Iron Fist?

For those who don't know who Iron Fist is, in short, Danny Rand was a wealthy child who traveled to the mystical land of K'un-L'un with his parents. While there, Danny's mother and father both died, his father murdered. Out of respect for his father, Danny was adopted and trained by Lei Kung The Thunderer, a martial arts expert. K'un-L'un only materialises every 10 years in the Himalayas so Danny spent the next 10 years studying martial arts.

When he was 19, Danny earned the opportunity to win the power of the Iron Fist by facing Shou-Lao (a freaking dragon!!). Danny slew Shou-Lao, a feat no one had accomplished and gained the power of the Iron Fist.

Phew! Still with me? Ok first up...

Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling has been the talk of the town when it comes to Iron Fist. A lot of fans would love to see Gosling suit up and I'm no different. Given Gosling's extensive list of acting jobs ranging from the rom-com Crazy, Stupid Love to the not so rom-comy Gangster Squad, it'd be a no brainer that he'd smash the role. The only problem is would he really want to do a Netflix series playing an unknown character? Answer: probably not, but one can only hope! My next choice is...

Chace Crawford

A bit out of the blew, but I think it could work! Chace is probably most well known for his role in the TV series Gossip Girl and the 2012 movie What to Expect When You're Expecting. Although I think he has the look down and he has proved himself a capable actor, Chace hasn't really been in any fight scenes. Of course that's what we have choreographers, stunt doubles and trainers for! So if Chace did get the part I think there hopefully wouldn't be a problem in the fighting department. Next up...

Zac Efron

Another big name on my list. Efton is a talented actor that has blossomed in Hollywood after coming out from Disney. He's shown a great range of acting skills in his career, so why shouldn't he dawn the Iron Fists? The only problem is again, would a big star like Efron want to do a Netflix series? The same answer goes for him, probably not but we shall wait and see. Next on the list...

Charlie Hunnam

Sons' of Anarchy and Pacific Rim star Charlie Hunnam in my opinion has the best 'Iron Fist' look about him. We know he can do TV from SoA and he isn't new to fight scenes (especially in a giant Kaiju-killing robot one). Could Hunnam really delve into the character of Iron Fist and make it his own? We'll never know if we don't try!! Lastly...

Kit Harrington

A bit of an outside bet but come on! The guy is sensational of GoT as Jon Snow. I think given the right chance, Kit can sink his teeth into any role he chooses, he's that good an actor in my opinion. I know he has his film Spooks coming out soon but if Kit wants to really break into Hollywood, this would be a great way to start. (Also I think hair and makeup could turn his black curls into golden locks easily - don't worry I want a blonde Iron Fist also!!!) So...

Who do you think could play Iron Fist???

Let me know your opinion below!! Thanks for reading again!


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